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Black Rider - The Gate To The Unknown

Black Rider
The Gate To The Unknown
by Dorothy Cheng at 16 January 2014, 8:00 PM

BLACK RIDER is one in a basket of emerging Thrash bands outside of the US and Europe. Hailing from Oaxaca, Mexico, BLACK RIDER curiously does not share many traits with their brothers in South America or even further north in California – steering clear from the extreme, almost Death Metal tendencies of those two fronts. Instead, they possess unique sound that melds sophistication with technicality – a true blue “old school” trait, if I may say so.

With “The Gate To The Unknown”, their latest album, the band delves into the concept of horror with their lyrics while the music marches on in sync with that feel, with hard-hitting riffs that shoot up right to the nervous system. Accompanying these riffs is the intense rhythm section, which as far as speed goes, isn’t trying to outdo anybody – but the aggression and knowing simplicity in the drumming for instance, makes up the entirety of the rhythm section’s purpose – which is both to assault and back up.

The album starts off with “Multiple Possession”, which has all the goods a typical album opener is supposed to have, with some of the most explosive riffs all contained in here. The tracks that follow are all fashioned in the same vein – the band making it very clear to the listener that the purpose of the album is to blow listeners out of the water with its old school intensity. The track churn on in this manner and what starts to differentiate them from one another is the lead guitar. With fine-tuned finesse and technique, the lead guitar embellishes the more repetitive riffs and manages to pull the album out of the vortex of boring. In fact, it starts to border on brilliant.

This self-produced album makes up with raw passion for what it lacks in variety. The crusty production lends a mesmerizing nostalgic feel to the album, and coupled with the band’s certainty with their talent, “The Gate To The Unknown” has become a really well-put-together Thrash album that may surpass the albums of many more well-known Thrash bands. It’s a pristine effort that deserves the attention of the international Metal community.

4 Star Rating

1. Multiple Possession
2. B Born in Sin… Come on In
3. Violent Poltergeist
4. Orders of Massacre
5. Rise from Your Grave
6. Antihuman
7. Myth Mind Creator
8. Armed Forces from Hell
9. Full Metal Madness
10. The Gate to the Unknown
Daniel Guzman - Bass
Juan José Ruelas - Drums
Waldo Rios - Guitars
Jose Angel Ruelas - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: VileMusic Records


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