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Black Sachbak - No Pay No Gain

Black Sachbak
No Pay No Gain
by Emily Coulter at 25 November 2013, 9:58 PM

Calling themselves ''the most hated band in IsraHELL'', BLACK SCHBAK obviously have a reputation to live up too. If MUNICIPAL WASTE and GAMA BOMB ended up with a musical love child then BLACK SACHBAK is the outcome.

Their debut album ''No Pay No Gain'' opens up with ''Haircut I Never Got'' which could easily be mistaken with a cover of ''Born to Party'' by MUNICIPAL WASTE. The track completely changes every time you start getting used to it, varying speeds from lightning fast to doom slow. This track has got underlying bass tones, blunt lyrics, fast drums and guitars, a perfect recipe for fast Thrash. ''The IMF'' is slightly more heavier than the previous track, the vocals of Eliran Balely are deeper and more rough. Dor HaShamem Plaut plays out perfect solos and continuous riffs. What makes BLACK SCHBAK so different than most Thrash groups is that it has the Israeli twist in the vocalist’s accent, still hard and raw but just more special.

Track 3's title needs no explanation, the 1.15 minute song ''Dubstep Sucks'' speaks about how much they hate dub step and the dancing what goes with  the genre. Though the song is as short as Grindcore, it surely packs a punch. Balely shows what range he can bring with his vocals though the guitars are slightly un-original. ''Marx Was Right'' is opened up by a Dr. Rockso-esque wail before shouting with Grindcore vocals. It is good but the only thing really good about it is the guitars which constantly have different speeds but the vocals are very angry and political, it's been a while since it's been done well in a thrash song. ''Beer Law'' is a lot stronger than the previous, Balely's vocals are more broad and deeper, the guitars have more emphasis and the drums have been a lot better. The verses are slow and the chorus's fast but that is what makes a great Thrash song though the track is very generic in general.

''Soher'' is the weakest song on the album; it sounds quite annoying to the ears and just in-audible. The vocals are whiny and you will be very happy when it gets to the next track. ''Capitalist Zombies'' has extremely fast riffs, gang vocals and Grindcore vocals which is refreshing to the ears after the previous song. Plaut makes this song even better with the solo at 1.27 which makes it stand out from the rest. Salingre's drumming feels like it's struggling to keep up with everyone else but still works well. BLACK SACHBAK are back with the political Thrash Metal with ''Fuck Your Law''. The song is only 1.19 minutes long but certainly is thrown in your face, this song has an extremely heavy old school punk feel to it with thrash vocals but what makes it special is the Israel twang. Though the guitars are pretty generic, it is still a good track.

''TV'' has miniature solos included within the simplistic riffs and the vocals are spread amongst a higher range with Hardcore, Thrash and Punk influences obviously in the song. The guitar is obviously the focus of the song, everything else does seem to blend in with the back ground but the solo at 1.17 is very special. BLACK SACHBAK are forward with their penultimate track ''Smoke Hash'', a heavily Thrash influenced song this is for fans of bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE. What makes this song good is that you can hear everyone's input: the bass, drums, vocals and guitars all have shown their special qualities. Top choice for a closing track.

BLACK SACHBAK are a good Thrash band, if they had more originality in their guitar riffs it would make them an even mightier act. This band is for anyone who loves new school Speed or Thrash Metal with Punk influences. “No Pay No Gain” could have a few sturdier tracks instead of a few weaker ones but all in all, a worthy effort.

3 Star Rating

1. Haircut I Never Got
2. The IMF
3. Dubstep Sucks
4. Marx Was Right
5. Beer Law
6. Soher
7. Capitalist Zombies
8. Fuck Your Law
9. TV
10. Smoke Hash
Eliran Balely – Vocals
Dor HaShamen Plaut – Guitar
Lidor Sharaby – Bass
Noam Chizo Salingre – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 07 February 2023

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