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Black Soul Horde - Horrors from the Void Award winner

Black Soul Horde
Horrors from the Void
by Joganegar at 14 February 2022, 6:46 PM

Once again it is hard for me to imprison a band with the tag of just one subgenre, since I consider this to be a blend of different sounds that have no limit but the boundaries of human and sometimes, like in some cases divine creativity; I can hear element of Thrash, Speed, Folk and even Folk and Death Metal and yet most of the information I could gather prior to making this review described BLACK SOUL HORDE as Power Metal, so you get my point. Horrors from the Void is the third full length album by this band hailing from the land that is attributed with the birth of civilization and one of the greatest live albums in history, Greece.

One can no longer elucidate the nationality of a band just by listening to it, it is simply both amazing and mystifying to be able to acknowledge how exhilarating it is to be alive in times such as these, although the amount of information and the speed at which it gets delivered to us can sometimes be overwhelming; the possibilities become endless when you try to find new music or new whatever material both cultural and artistic you are looking for, it is enough to start browsing In any of the several platforms available to get almost infinite possibilities, or at least enough to fill many days of our existence. In this case coming across BLACK SOUL HORDE in the midst of all this infinity as a current band provides comfort to the listener in constant search for an innovative yet pure album of Metal. At least while that unquenchable thirst for broadening our knowledge and passion for this kind of music persists.

The Album begins with “Beneath the Mountains of Madness” A reminiscent track that can make you feel the present of the ancient ones coming back to life to spread madness and terror just like the opening chords, verse and semi chorus that leads to the interlude of thundering guitar riffs that make this song the precise opener for a gut wrenching third album from BLACK SOUL HORDE, the nightmare continues with the Lovecraftian theme included in the first and subsequent tracks alike, with an acoustic and reflexive intro that turns into an onslaught of sounds and power in “Beware the Deep” (I know exactly what to hear now next time I explore the Cthulhu Mythos) and “Blinding Void” to go deeper into madness and the vastness of space all in one. The Album finds its second Natural Chapter with “Lair of the Wolf” and the following two tracks until it develops a third and final chapter with “The Curse” and
“The Betrayal of the King”. The progressive way in which “The Curse” shows what I like to call the evolution and mutation of Metal and how it develops and is put together with the last track “The Betrayal of the King” to give closure to “Horrors from the Void” enables this to be described as a much more reflective and introspective album than the first two albums by the band, released originally in 2013 and 2020; With a Lovecraftian theme amongst the structure of the concept of this album, and the whole work of the band; the imaginary universe created by listening to “Horrors from the Void” goes hand in hand with some of the most complex and evocative scenarios created by a Metal Album ever.

Finally, the voice of Jim Kotsis and the way he delivers the message in both verses and choruses alike makes me think of a fusion between two of my all-time favorite singers, Rob Halford and Russel Allen put together to create a merger that add up to the singer’s style adding its own originality, creativity and personal style. How a set of notes and words put together can completely mend from a broken heart to a pair of broken wings are astonishing and how in the form of a song can completely transform our mental setting and our physical environment dramatically; Not to mention the procurement of an invisible power that I have heard people sometimes refer to as the power of music. A power definitely bestowed in BLACK SOUL HORDE, A keeper for my metal evolution collection and a definite keeper of the flame for 2022.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Beneath the Mountains of Madness
2. Beware the Deep
3. Blinding Void
4. Lair of the Wolf
5. Malediction of the Dead
6. God of War
7. The Curse
8. The Betrayal of the King
9. Dragonfire
10. The Horde
Jim Kotsis- Vocals
Costas Papaspyrou - Guitars
John Tsiakopoulos –Guitars and Bass

Record Label: Vinyl Store


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