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Black Space Riders - Amoretum Vol. 2

Black Space Riders
Amoretum Vol. 2
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 11 July 2018, 6:56 AM

Hailing from Münster, Germany, BLACK SPACE RIDERS are already treating us to another gift of great music. We had the pleasure to hear from them only six months ago, early 2018, the first volume of "Amoretum". I was waiting for this second chapter to make his apparition and was excited to see it after only a six month wait. This band is so creative and inspired, that's amazing, they always surprise me. Quite a wide range of styles involved, always well done. That’s what I call a very prolific band.

From Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock, Alternative Rock approach, they have a major sense of melody and songwriting. "Refuguum" their 2015 effort, had me in their fan list, and they never disappoint. They released a video for "LoveLoveLove (Break the Pattern of Fear)" a song that shows influences from MINISTRY’s Industrial Rock in the riffs, with very cool vocal harmonies that remind me a little of VOLBEAT in some way. This album nods at a very large and wide amount of bands and influences. A vast multitude of sound exploration. Many times I can hear a MOTÖRHEAD feel in the chorus. The vocals are special: ranging from harsh ones to kind rockabilly or DANZIG like. One thing I should say is that they're very entertaining and display such great energy.

"Walls Away" shows a much more aerial touch and another side of their potential. The song is more relaxed and we can hear clean vocals that sounds great and cool chorus in the last part. This band is very versatile and can go to one place to another without effort. "Slainte (salud dinero amor)" is a powerful anthem song during only a few minutes but gets me moving a lot! "Assimilating love" is a MOTÖRHEAD/RAMONES mashup, crazy Punk Rock! "In our Garden" is a great surprise that reminds me of Legendary PINK DOTS and also THE TREES. More Electronic and Gothic Rock. There is such a great variety in this album, this band is very talented and creative.

The only thing that maybe is a little less cool is that the album seems to go in many directions, maybe it needs more homogenity. "Take Me to the Stars" has my favorite vocals. The harmonies are well done , this track is very well written. "Ch ch ch ch PART 1 » is like a noise preparing us for part two.The second part is better, i don't see the necessity for part one really. It’s a reat album with no dull parts, nice job!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

Chapter Three:

1. Before My Eyes
2. Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Love (Break the Pattern Of Fear)
3. Walls Away
4. Slaínte (Salud, Dinero, Amor)
5. Assimilating Love

Chapter Four:

1. In Our Garden
2. Leaves of Life (Falling Down)
3. Body Move

Chapter Five:

1. Take Me to The Stars
2. Ch Ch Ch Ch Pt. I (The Ugly Corruptor)
3. Ch Ch Ch Ch Pt. II (Living In My Dream)

Chapter Six:

1. Chain Reaction
2. No Way
3. The Wait Is Never Over
JE - Lead vocals, Guitars
SEB - Lead vocals
C.RIP - Drums, Vocals
SLI - Guitars
MEI - Bass Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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