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Black Star Riders - Another State of Grace Award winner

Black Star Riders
Another State of Grace
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 October 2019, 5:55 AM

BLACK STAR RIDERS’ name doesn’t need formal introductions, but for those that aren’t into their music: they band that inherited THIN LIZZY’s musical personality, but without being a copy. And if Phil Lynott were alive, he would bless the band, because they carry the DNA of Classic Hard Rock into its musical work. And since the band started in 2012, its releases are all great works, so can “Another State of Grace” (the band’s latest release) be said as a continuation of the previous albums?

Yes, of course it is. It’s the same old and good Hard Rock/Classic Rock from the 70’s, filled with a strong and young energy, classic melodies that are easy to be assimilated by the listeners’ senses, excellent choruses, and all those excellent elements that the fans are used to. But it bear a sense that they’re not in the 70’s anymore, so they play as a band of the 70’s sounding like a young and fresh group. Yes, they’re pretty good, and this album can be called as a sequence of its predecessors, but being a bit more melodic (and so on, accessible).

To produce “Another State of Grace”, the band brought Jay Ruston, the same one who had mixed “The Killer Instinct” and “Heavy Fire”. And he created something that sounds modern and clean, but always respecting their Hard Rock/Classic Rock format. And that important organic feeling is presented in all the songs, thanks to the use of simple tunes on the musical instruments.

There are no expendable songs on “Another State of Grace”, so put it to play and let yourself be surrounded by their music. For a first experience on their music, “Tonight the Moonlight Let Me Down” (an accessible song, but what amazing guitar riffs and melodies), “Another State of Grace” (a heavier song with an amazing chorus, and another great work from the guitars), “Ain’t the End of the World” (another accessible song, with perfect vocals and a great chorus), “Underneath the Afterglow” (a heavier moment, but without leaving the charming melodies aside, and a very good work from bass guitar and drums can be heard), “Standing in the Line of Fire” (a Boggie/Hard Rock influence entered this song, and another excellent work on the vocals), and “Poisoned Heart” (filled with gluing melodies) are the right tracks. But on the second time, let the album play and enjoy.

BLACK STAR RIDERS is an amazing band, so if you’re looking for something that has the energy of the past, but played with the passion of the young, “Another State of Grace” is the right album for you.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Tonight the Moonlight Let Me Down
2. Another State of Grace
3. Ain’t the End of the World
4. Underneath the Afterglow
5. Soldier in the Ghetto
6. Why Do You Love Your Guns?
7. Standing in the Line of Fire
8. What Will It Take?
9. In The Shadow of the War Machine
10. Poisoned Heart
Ricky Warwick - Vocals
Scott Gorham - Guitars
Christian Martucci - Guitars
Robbie Crane - Bass
Chad Szeliga - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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