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Black Sun - Silent Enemy Award winner

Black Sun
Silent Enemy
by Neil Cook at 22 September 2020, 7:48 AM

“Silent Enemy” is more than just BLACK SUN’s latest offering.  The music herein inspired a short film of the same name, something I would like to see if the trailer AND the music is anything to go by. Also, the fact the music on offer is there is miraculous in itself, the band losing their long time singer during the inception.  They have prevailed, with the help of a big and stellar cast of guest artist, too many to list, and I suggest you seek out the information on your own.  However we are talking of a vocalists and musicians from their native Ecuador and artists from a number of Scandinavian Metal bands of many types, including BATTLE BEAST, FIREWIND, LORDI, SONATA ARTICA and more, this EP is cinematic slice of some of the best Power Metal I’ve heard this year, and their has been some bangers.

Opening up with “Moebius,” the albums very cinematic instrumental lead in.  It immediately conjures up a mental picture of a Sci-fi blockbuster, there is a definite Terminator vibe in there. Into “Resist”, a powerful, symphonic, buy melodic tune with a female vocal.  Yes we’ve heard this before, but the delivery is flawless, and well balanced, built on a chugging riff and soaring solo. Following that with a change of direction, “Terror Zone” would not sound out of place on the latest PRIMAL FEAR album. A much more straight ahead Metal anthem with a couple of suitably wailing solos, has a real Euro Power Metal feel to it.

Dark Mirror” is another, longer instrumental piece, showcasing the bands chops brilliantly. Guitars and drums given a chance to show off, but the track doesn’t descend into showing off wankery, it simply is a very good, straight ahead Power Metal song without vocals.  This is how an instrumental should be. “No Return” is nothing more than the intro to the star of the show.  “Still Alive” is a real ensemble piece, vocalist wise, with a number of different voices carrying the song forward, over a melodic an powerful uplifting Metal song. With so many contributors it could have so easily turned into a mess, like so many collaborations have in recent times, but I think this one works because, it’s kept short and punchy, it’s a new piece of music, and there doesn’t appear to be any egos trying to outdo each other, just produce great music.

Unfortunately we get to the end literally in the case of “Finale”, nothing more than a short full stop to the EP, and even that is well played. Realistically this is an EP of 4 songs with a extras, but it is a highly accomplished and thoroughly enjoyable record, I strongly suggest you seek out and delve into.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Moebius
2. Resist
3. Terror Zone
4. Dark Mirror
5. On Return
6. Still Alive
7. Finale
Santiago Salem – Bass
Nicolas Estrada – Guitar
Christopher Gruenberg  – Drums
Record Label: Rockshot Records


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Edited 24 March 2023

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