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Black Therapy - Symptoms Of A Common Sickness

Black Therapy
Symptoms Of A Common Sickness
by Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai at 11 July 2013, 11:17 AM

"Symptoms Of A Common Sickness" is the first creation of the Italian band BLACK THERAPY, writing in a melodic Death Metal direction, spiced with elements which open this album on several universes. Efficient production with a mix of Bob Romano from MI Studio (Hollywood) and mastering done in Hertz Studio in Poland (BEHEMOTH, VADER). Starting from mostly northern influences taken from Gothenburg Metal (DARK TRANQUILLITY, AT THE GATES, etc …), the Romans did not hesitate to experience different approach and possibility.

"From High" is the intro to this album, cleverly designed with gentle melodies to announce the main process before chained the mid-tempo guitar phrases and cries with mush emotions. BLACK THERAPY a more brutal piece, with technical trends in the way of DEATH. The unexpected variability is a strong point in this album; I noticed that with the song "Advance", faster and more melodic than the previous. Arriving to the song "The Time Is Dead" which was produced as an official Music Video in January 2013, in fact this piece is full of reflections at arrangements, with slowdowns and accelerations with a melodic aspect in forward.

One of the surest things is that the influence with oriental melodies occurs extensively throughout the album, but especially on "Symptoms Of A Common Sickness" the album title track. But the real surprise for me was "The Last Soul" that is entirely instrumental and it clears the area of ​​a great mastery of the guitars of Daniele Rizzo and Lorenzo Carlini. The dose of feelings that gave me this piece is very strong, which forced me to re-listen to the passage several times after that. "The Night Is Mine" marks a return to the fast tempos, the same for "Path To Hell" but with more unexpected tournaments. The exploitation of good ideas on acoustic guitar continued in the intro of "Desert Blood", but not much to make room after for blast beats. "Melancholy" is a song that reflects its title, and it feels very negative in the riffs. The closing is with this magnificent instrumental piece, this is a perfect summary for the album.

Despite that we may well feel the influences of the Gothenburg scene, the five Italians but there was additional elements to make this album different, still to exploit more the technical and progressive side for future achievements.

4 Star Rating

1. From High
2. Black Therapy
3. Advance
4. The Time Is Dead
5. Symptoms of a Common Sickness
6. The Last Soul
7. The Night Is Mine
8. Path to Hell
9. Desert Blood
10. Melancholy
11. Still Black Beyond the Light
Luca Soldati - Drums
Daniele Rizzo - Guitars
Lorenzo "Kallo" Carlini - Guitars
Giuseppe Massimiliano Di Giorgio - Vocals
Marco Cattaneo - Bass
Record Label: Revalve Records


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