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Black Thyria - Tyrant Resurrected As King

Black Thyria
Tyrant Resurrected As King
by Danny Sanderson at 28 August 2015, 11:09 PM

Death Doom is a style that it is easily one of Metals most overlooked sub-genres. It's given us dozens of great bands, all writing unique, interesting music with a morose and brooding edge to it. Despite the fact that it combines the core elements of two of Extreme Metals most popular genres, it is often ignored and maligned in favor of other, more conventional forms of music by fans and critics alike, a fact that is very unfortunate to say the least. BLACK THYRIA, a band that is relatively new to the scene, is looking to carve out their own sound and niche within this sub-genre. Luckily for both the band and fans, their debut EP, "Tyrant Resurrected As King", is a great statement of intent which showcases a band with a lot of talent and a fairly strong idea of which direction they want to head in musically.

The first of the four tracks we're treated to, "Principle Of Entropy", has everything you would expect from the genre; thick, powerful rhythm sections, sweet, melodic leads and gnarly, tar-like vocals. The production is very polished, which makes it sound mildly sterile, but luckily the song writing on offer here is so good that this fact is rendered obsolete. "Human Wallet" has a very melodic element to the sound, and the leads soar over the top of the rest of the music very well. There's a bit of dissonance thrown into the sound which gives it an eerie, progressive quality. It's a great track with a lot of well thought out, intelligent ideas that works very well overall. The third, titular and penultimate track on here is a crushing, mid-paced track with colossal, chugging riffs. It's a very strong track with plenty of hooks and musical ideas that make it a good song. The Death Metal influences in the bands sound com eto the fore more prominently on this track as well towards the end, which helps cement this as one of the best of the four tracks on offer here. The final track on this EP, the sprawling, monolithic "Heteronomous Suicide", is a song comprised on solid, vicious rhythm guitars and catchy, memorable leads. It's a brilliant end to an excellent debut release.

Musically, there is nothing wrong with this record at all. It's very clear that all of the bands five members are very talented musicians who can create great, technically proficient music. The only real criticism that I have for this record lies in the production. At times it's just a bit too polished, making the overall sound of the record come across as clinical and sterile. Nonetheless, for a debut EP, this is an incredibly powerful offering, and I eagerly await to see what this band has got in store for their future recordings.

3 Star Rating

1. Principle of Entropy
2. Human Wallet
3. Tyrant Resurrected as King
4. Heteronomous Suicide
Schrimbo - Vocals & Bass
Percy - Bass
Markus - Guitars
Max - Guitars
Ina - Drums
Record Label: Indepedent


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Edited 03 June 2023

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