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Black Tractor – The Wonders Of The Invisible World Award winner

Black Tractor
The Wonders Of The Invisible World
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 25 May 2020, 10:46 AM

BLACK TRACTOR are something else! They are a band from Cincinnati who released the album “The Wonders Of The Invisible World” on April 19th 2019. It’s an album with obscure song titles which are random to say the least, I like that. It makes me think this album will be as much fun lyrically as the song titles and the bands Facebook page suggest and I’m looking forward to reviewing it today. So the album has 11 songs to it & some of the song titles made me laugh as I read them. The band obviously have a really good if not dark sense of humour which instantly attracts me to them (as I myself am a dark soul.) The band fall into the genre of Hard Rock and have released the album independently describing on their Facebook as their record label being “hahahahahahahahahahahahaha,” which cracked me up! All you have to do is take a look at the line up & you’ll laugh like a champion! (And please do look at the line up!) anyway onto the next chapter of the tale.

So to open the album “The Wonders Of The Invisible World” we have a song called “I Just Can’t Seem To Wake My Wife,” a hell of a title to open with! The song is loud & harsh, it’s a head banger of a track if there was one ever written! The lyrics are heavy & funny at the same time, the music is played heavy & fast, so much so that I’m starting to think his wife’s in a fucking coma cause this song would raise the dead! “The Thief And The Trumpet” is song number 4 and it’s a biblical show down in a 2 minute 21 second package – after all – they say good things come in small packages. It’s a song that gives a great mental image of having a coffee & a joint with Jesus just talking about all your ill deeds on Earth, but it’s all good with The Man cause you’ve shared a reefer & said your sorry, all's forgiven. “The Things We Learned In New Jersey” comes in on song number 6. It’s  3 minute 11 seconds of what could be a kinda lullaby for a newborn who’s came into this shit storm of a world we live in.

Song number 9 is called “Hosanna” and is the longest song on the album at 5 minutes 7 seconds and is a very different style of song musically from the rest on the album. It’s a softly played & sung song close to ballad in style. It has a tremendous instrumental performance to it which I really enjoyed. This song has to be pointed out just because it’s such a contrast to the tempo, beat & style of the other song in comparison.  Then closing the album we have song number 11 “And To Mary, A sweet Goodnight.” The song opens with animalistic growls & strums that sound like a metal strip being bent in & out of shape. This cumulation of strange musical sounds & growls goes on for a short 1 minute 2 seconds, being the shortest track on the album. I wonder if listening to that track gave Mary a good nights sleep?

Overall, I have really got stuck into “The Wonders Of The Invisible World” as I thought, the album was entertaining & fun as well as musically enjoyable. I also have to say the album artwork stands out as point as well, a ship is capsizing far out on a sea of gold, purple & yellow while on the sandy beach a raging boar charges forth with wild fire in his eyes. Next to him lies an arm…. Is there a body attached to it and it’s simply a man who’s fallen asleep on the beach after drinking too much whiskey or is it from a disembodied corpse after a night of foul play? We may never know! Not forgetting the little spaceship up on the top right just flying in to beam Scotty up, not knowing that all that's left of Scotty is his disembodied right arm…. Yes I enjoyed the album rather much and I would recommend if you like Stoner or Doom Metal with a kick of fun & a dark twist then you need to hear this album today! BLACK TRACTOR have written & produced an excellent album here!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. I Can’t Seem To Wake My Wife
2. Just Like Fay Wray
3. The Devil’s Waterfall
4. The Thief And The Trumpet
5. What God Made Pockets For
6. Things We Learned In New Jersey
7. The Peckerwood Sway
8. Your Left Shoulder
9. Hosanna
10. The Third One
11. And To Mary, A Sweet Goodnight
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Record Label: Independent


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