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Black Void – Antithesis

Black Void
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 July 2022, 3:27 PM

Well, this is a first for me…a band signed to a major record label and the promo is sent without any information on the band. But have no fear, I turned to The Metal Archives, only to discover that they did not have the band listed on their roster (among 160,000 bands). So no worries, I turned to the label, only to discover that they did not even have the band listed among their artists. We are off to a promising start. So, I suppose we will have to let the music do the talking here. “Antithesis” contains nine songs.

“Void” is the first cut. It roughly sounds like Black Metal, but with more of a swinging groove, or what is often referred to as “Black ‘N Roll.” The clean vocal passage is unexpected but it works somehow in the mix. Some melody also comes in at the chorus, and suddenly Black Metal is too narrow of a descriptor here. “Reject Everything” is a raucous fireball that burns with Hard Rock and even Punk influences, proving that these guys refuse to be pigeon-holed. When it slows down, you can pick up on more Black Metal sounds, but the creativity here is noteworthy. “Death to Morality” is another energetic song that features harsh vocals combine with Hard Rock riffs. The slower sound grinds out like a machine smashing slabs of metal into dust.

“Tenebrism of Life” features both a melodic and aggressive sound with resounding lead work and even some backing ambiance. The X factor in this song is hard to pin down, but the melody sure works well. “No Right, No Wrong” begins with an almost jovial riff, as you picture the band in concert smiling wildly and just having fun. Who doesn’t like a good bit of fun on an album? The song is also a bit dark, reminding you of the harsher side of life. “It not Surgery, it’s a knife Fight” is a heavier and more aggressive number, with just a smidge of melody, and the drawn-out vocals are lamenting. Fancy a guitar solo? There is a strong one here.

“Explode into Nothingness” is a shorter song that wastes no time getting inside your skin and burrowing there, feeding on your flesh and devouring every muscle, tendon and nerve along the way. “Nihil” is even shorter and faster, as the band burns through miles of forests with the hot breath of a pissed-off dragon, whose 100-year nap was interrupted by naïve travelers. With a single huff, he burns the forest to the very ground. “Dadaist Disgust” closes the album with a slow and Hard Rocking sound, so that the notes and vocals are accentuated as they pass, hitting you square in the jaw each time they touch down. This song is all about the heavier side of the album.

What is Hell’s name do you call this mashup? I don’t know, but “great” would be one good word to use. What these guys have effectively done is stirred several genres of rock and metal together in a pot for a while, and see what flavors developed in the end. What came out in the final product is nothing known of this world, but rather something that you haven’t heard before. I can see now why they are signed to such a big label, but again have to push back a bit on the label for not having much in the way of press in the EPK.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Void
2. Reject Everything
3. Death to Morality
4. Tenebrism of Life
5. No Right, No Wrong
6. It's not Surgery, it's a Knife Fight
7. Explode into Nothingness
8. Nihil
9. Dadaist Disgust
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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