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Black Wizard - New Waste

Black Wizard
New Waste
by Craig Rider at 03 March 2016, 1:44 AM

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this American quintet known as: BLACK WIZARD from Vancouver, signed via Listenable Records.

What do you get when you're influenced by the mighty BLACK SABBATH (no obvious “black” pun intended), ELECTRIC WIZARD (no obvious “wizard” pun intended), with similar Doom Metal elements such as in: GEVAUDAN? You get a Rock/Heavy Metal inspired band with indifferent twists that adds a punch of groove infestation. BLACK WIZARD are in their prime and loud and proud to boot. With 2 previous albums entitled: “Black Wizard” and “Young Wisdom”, you can tell this band are hungry for our typical fuel for Metal.

When I listen to new bands I like to embody a sort of comparison to how they sound in genre sense; what I heard with BLACK WIZARD, was a mix of Heavy Metal Rock integrity, with a hint of Doom Metal. By how Adam Grant sounds in comparison to the likes of the genre, I hear a more rough but clear vocal sense with a deep yearning to growl. It really works well in these types of genres, in my opinion.

And yet - musically and instrumentally; this is well noted with the other musicians: Kenny Cook on guitar thrashes like a maniac, Evan Joel on bass pumps out some incredible notes as well with the additional powerhouse of Eugene Parkomenko on drums; this is quite evident in the song “Revival” as I begin the album, I jam to a Hard Rock notion with that hint of Heavy Metal edged on top; some very good riffs on this track in particular. The band have their softer side though - which leads me to think their BLACK SABBATH influences come from certain albums like “Sabotage” or “Technical Ecstasy” for example. Though, the fast pace efforts continues in “Harsh Time” with very good rhythmic conductions; lyrically, and musically. “Laughing And Lost” slow things down a notch; which brings my point back about the “Technical Ecstasy” era from BLACK SABBATH, for a 2016 album, it really sounds like another classic 80s Metal album opus, in the same vain of JUDAS PRIEST-esquire “Rocka Rolla”, “Sad Wings Of Destiny”, for example, or IRON MAIDEN's “Killers”.

Now,I'm just rambling on here aren't I really? Straight to the next points then, “New Waste” very much feels like a typical Heavy Metal album but, is it original you might want to know? For new material, it's very original to an extent,at least in “discovered this band” sense. Though it's nothing entirely special from what we've already heard from the greats and personal discoveries; but does that matter? Of course not, if it sounds good and makes you headbang, then, in my book; it's most definitely worth your time. As I start “Vivian Girls” I expected another slower-paced anthem, but instead I come across a nice but groovy attraction. Some inspiring riffs here. Very much so found in “Eliminator” and “Unnecessary Evil” everything gets heavier and powerful, although, nothing particularly amazing to “go nuts” at if I was being honest. That's not to say it's shit though.

The rest of the album concludes in similar fashion to what's already previously said; nothing much else to add, really. “New Waste” is a short album with “Waiting For” only being a minute long ramble jam, and “The Priest” + “Final Ripper”, which, in Heavy Metal terms, speeds things up a lot more; adding a nice touch of powerful notes, but that's about it. concluding this album entirely with mostly similar traits to everything else. Now, if I was to recommend “New Waste” to anyone; it would be typical Heavy Metal fanatics, Rockers or Doom Metal/Stoner Metal people. Memorably, it wasn't too forgiving on that note. Production is spot on, very rough and mean. Originality…eh. it'll do.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Revival
2. Harsh Time
3. Laughing And Lost
4. Vivian Girls
5. Eliminator
6. Unnecessary Evil
7. Waiting For
8. The Priest
9. Final Ripper
Eugene Parkomenko - Drums
Adam Grant – Vocals, Guitar
Evan Joel - Bass
Kenny Cook - Guitars
Record Label: Listenable Records


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Edited 07 December 2022

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