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Black Abyss - Angels Wear Black (CD)

Black Abyss
Angels Wear Black
by Alex Farmakis at 10 September 2004, 12:30 AM

Four years after the release of their second album “Land of darkness, it is time for the new album of the Germans Power Metallers to see the light of day! I think that the timing is quite good for a new album and they probably thought of that too.
I am talking about Black Abyss and their third album, “Angels Wear Black. Black Abyss show us with this new album that they are not a band that released one or two albums and after that they disappear and no one will ever know why they split up. They are good musicians and they surely prove it. The vocals in this album are good and the guitars are working on a good, strong infrastructure created by the drums and the bass.
However, something is not right with “Angels Wear Black. There is a problem with this album. The problem is that Black Abyss had not decided what they wanted to play in this album before they wrote it and the result is a little confusing. Half of the songs of this album are American Power Metal, influenced a little bit by Nevermore but much rougher than their music and with no interest at all. The other half songs seem to be good German Power Metal tracks, influenced by all the great bands of this genre (they are quite a lot to be naming them here).
Five songs are not enough to make someone buy a CD. They should first decide to choose what they want to do. If they hold their American sound then they are doomed to be forgotten by everyone. If they hold their German sound then I think that their next album will be much better than this one. They have some really good ideas in this genre but in the American one their music is boring and as I said before, it has no interest at all.
I hope that they will make up their minds and write some better music in the future. They are capable of doing that and they prove it in this album. But half an album is not enough to make someone like it. “Angels Wear Black is above average because it has some very good songs and it gives us some hope that we could expect something better from them in the near future.

3 Star Rating

Unholy War
Dark Legacy
Shadows Of The Past
Pure Evil
I Don't Care
The Messenger
When Angels Wear Black
Olliver Hornung - Vocals
Stefan Röder - Guitar
Andy Heidmann - Drums
Harry Klenk - Bass
Andy Siegl - Guitar
Record Label: Massacre Records


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