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Black Anima - Satanist? Satanist!

Black Anima
Satanist? Satanist!
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 05 December 2010, 7:12 PM

I got to know this band a few years back, when their “White Noise” album fell into my hands for a review. BLACK ANIMA has never attempted to sign a contract or make it big in the music industry and always freely distributes its releases. This is something that just can’t go by unnoticed and this band immediately earned my full respect. The thing is that their music was as honest as their ideology. Thus, BLACK ANIMA’s releases became permanent residents in my CD player.

With their friend Doomus helping them by composing this wicked intro that sounds like something that would play in a Tim Burton movie, the duet commences its attack with “Sea Of Vomit”, an 8 minute long song with epic melodies, chants and old school Black Metal elements that remind of bands like BURZUM and MAYHEM. Another 8 minute and a half song is next, “I Hate You (Motherfuckers)”, which as the band says, it is a tribute to the cult figure GG Allin (RIP). It is a more old school sounding song with many Heavy Metal influences, as well as some CELTIC FROST style aggressive touches and acoustic parts that break out of the blue creating a totally psychotic atmosphere. “Kneel Only Unto Yourself” is a darker, more epic track that has this “dusty” BURZUM atmosphere with only a few up-tempo outbreaks here and there. The next song, which I guess doesn’t need to be mentioned here due to its longer than a horse’s dick title, is the atmospheric composition in “Satanist? Satanist!” with acoustic parts, melodic soloing, which show a softer, mellower side of the band. And here we are, the anti-human anthem and heavier song in here! “People Make Me Sick” is like a classic Heavy – as fuck – Metal song with catchy riffs… until the faster than the speed of light blast appear along with Astaroth’s chanting. A rather weird song that will definitely confuse you at first, but will grow on you as time goes by.

BLACK ANIMA is not here to offer you a groundbreaking release that will change the way you see the Metal scene, but this band’s releases are always something interesting, since these guys always try to blend their old school Metal influences in their own unique way. Strange, different, but definitely honest and passionate. By the way, don’t let the EP’s weak production scare you; it’s not what maters the most. It adds a bit to the cult aesthetic I have to admit…

3 Star Rating

  1. Intro
  2. Sea Of Vomit
  3. I Hate You (Motherfuckers)
  4. Kneel Only Unto Yourself
  5. Putting The Severed Heads Of The Followers Of Jesus On Small Wooden Stakes While The Sun Sets Behind The Snow Covered Rooftops Of Tranghalla
  6. People Make Me Sick
Savopipo - Guitar, Programming, Vocals
Astaroth - Vocals
Record Label: Private Release


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