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Black Anima - White Noise (CD)

Black Anima
White Noise
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 October 2008, 12:09 PM

The underground is a scene that has offered some precious treasures throughout the history of our beloved music, and let's not forget the fact that many of today's known bands started from there. We all know that if a band rises to the surface it is not only a matter of promotion and good connections. If you don't have at least a decent talent, you will be stuck in the underground forever. One more talented band that I happened to get a promo CD from is BLACK ANIMA, a band that will definitely be in my daily playlist for a long time.

The Sweden based metallers are exactly what I call TRUE FUCKING METAL! They only exist for one year, since they were formed in 2007, but they already count four releases! Two demos were released last year, and they have already managed to release two full-length albums this year! And they do everything on their own! Even the album I hold in my hands has this marvelous DIY 'stink' all over it! Damn how I love such kind of releases!

Do you want some old school pure extreme Metal motherfuckers? Well, now it's the time you get it out of the blue from a really talented band! BLACK ANIMA came out of nowhere to kick my sorry ass with some unadulterated music! Do you remember the days when Metal was pure and when the words Heavy and Black could coexist? That's exactly what BLACK ANIMA is. A Heavy/Black Metal band that pays tribute to titans like BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, VENOM, METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST and many more. These two guys deliver an album with approximately 49 minutes of heavy and extreme music. Do not expect to find any faster than the speed of light tempos or shredding guitar work. BLACK ANIMA is all about simple and straightforward music. Imagine the melodic Swedish Black Metal leads with a total Heavy Metal mentality laid upon them and a hellish beast screaming.

Can I find any negative points in this album? Hmmm, let me think. Yes, the fact that the drums are programmed and sound so fake is definitely something that kind of spoils the whole atmosphere. I just can't imagine the rotten sound this album would have if the drums were played by someone! So, wear your leather jacket, dig up your forgotten patches and hear BLACK ANIMA raising their middle finger to all the plastic messiahs and the so called big labels!

4 Star Rating

White Noise
Master Of Thaumiel
Not Only Dumb (But Lazy Too)
Warriors Of The Dark
Temple Of Unholiness
Savopipo - Guitar, Programming, Lead & Backing Vocals
Astaroth - Organ, Lead & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Self Released


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