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Black Anvil – Triumvirate

Black Anvil
by Harry Papadopoulos at 04 October 2010, 7:10 PM

I knew BLACK ANVIL as a name but I didn’t have the opportunity to listen to their debut album called “Time Insults the Mind”, released in 2008. All three members were playing in KILL YOUR IDOLS, a hardcore band for the ones that don’t know them. Well now, two years later, they are back with their second album, “Triumvirate” and I have to say that I am really impressed!

Let us start by saying that “Triumvirate” is a very good album. For those that are not familiar with the BLACK ANVIL sound, I should say that it doesn’t have anything to do with their previous band. Here you will listen to Death/Thrash Metal, without keys or majestic atmospheres. Just pure Metal. The production is helping every single instrument to be heard without being too clean and polish (thankfully). The vocals reminds of Jeff Walker of CARCASS (what do you mean “who are they?”), something that I really liked. As for the music, well the riffing is as simple as it has to be and some slower parts are in the right spot… Calm before the next storm.

“Triumvirate” has everything that a Death/Thrash and mostly Metal fan needs: simplicity in the orchestrations but not boring, nice riffing and a rhythm section that is working like a well oiled machine either playing a mid tempo rhythm or a fast one. I hope that BLACK ANVIL is here to stay, and with albums like this they will find their way in the music industry.

3 Star Rating

  1. What Is Life If Not Now!
  2. Crippling
  3. The Evil Of All Roots
  4. Ultimate Reality
  5. Angels To Dust
  6. We Own You
  7. Scalping
  8. Eliminate
  9. Dead And Left
  10. With Transparent Blood
P.D. - Bass, Vocals
R.G. - Drums, Vocals
G.B.- Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Relapse Records


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