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Black Flame - Imperivm (CD)

Black Flame
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 12 July 2008, 1:30 PM

The Italian Black Metal horde strikes back with a brand new album and the nun-raping is about to begin. I had some time to review a Black Metal album and I more than gladly accepted it. Probably this is the first time I am glad to receive a release from an Italian Metal band.

The cult of the BLACK FLAME was founded back in 1999. The Italian Black Metal act debuted with a demo CD in 2001 and has offered many full-length releases since then. BLACK FLAME is in fact the first band that signed with Infernus' (of GORGOROTH fame) Forces Of Satan Records. So let's see if the band's Forces Of Satan debut proves Infernus right.

After a 'classic' Black Metal intro, the first song of the album (Imperivm) kicks in with relentless blasting, shredding guitars and deep brutal vocals. The fact is that such stuff have been played before and I don't think that BLACK FLAME are able to offer something different or at least unique to us. It is a bit tiring of listening to Black Metal bands that sound similar to the X or Y band. They've got the skills but they surely need a more personal sound.

If you are into brutal Black Metal and you don't give a shit about what I said above then you may check these guys out and enjoy some blackened brutality by these Italian beasts. The rest of you, go for something else.

2 Star Rating

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Lvdvs Dianae
The Other Face Ov Hell
Black Svn Theory
Apocalyptic Zero
The Secret Ov Lapis Manalis
Cardinale Italo Martire - Vocals, Guitar
Serpentrax - Bass
M:A Fog - Drums
Record Label: Forces Of Satan/Regain Records


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