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Black Horizon - The Choice

Black Horizon
The Choice
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 24 May 2010, 3:05 PM

Hey, hey you! Come closer since I am going to reveal you a huge secret, how I get the promo CD’s here. When a promo CD arrives I see the band’s name (for example BLACK HORIZON here) and search to see who and what they are on the internet. Then I say if I am interested in reviewing it and our beloved publishing director hands the promos to the magazine’s editors. The fact is that BLACK HORIZON present themselves as a modern Heavy Metal band with influences that range from IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST to METALLICA and PANTERA, although their music doesn’t avoid the classic Heavy Metal sound at all.

To be more particular, BLACK HORIZON’s music remains trapped into the classic Heavy Metal sound. That is because of almost everything in this album, from the typical cover artwork to the compositions and the weak production. The music is not that bad, although nothing impressive, the singer’s vocals are decent but he could surely use some improvement, but the sound could be a lot better since the band’s songs are “buried”. With a heavier and clearer productions, these guys could sound much better I guess.

As it seems France (yeah, I forgot to mention they are French) has a batter tradition when it comes to the extreme scene. Really, does anyone remember any French Heavy Metal band that made it big?

2 Star Rating

  1. Mr. Chrabloonzki
  2. Bastard
  3. Time
  4. Did You See It?
  5. The Choice
  6. Silence
  7. Réagis
  8. On The Battlefield
  9. The First Door
  10. Tower
  11. Aurora
Bruno - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Seb - Guitar
Dom - Bass
Fifi - Drums
Record Label: Pervade Productions


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