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Black Knight Symfonia - Heavenly Chaos (CD)

Black Knight Symfonia
Heavenly Chaos
by Grigoris Chronis at 14 December 2009, 12:43 PM

The little Principality of Monaco - located in the southeast side of France, right before the Italian borders, for anyone to know - has so far offered virtually nothing in the Metal world (possibly excluding erstwhile Death Metal act GODKILLER). The bizarre case of BLACK KNIGHT SYMFONIA is presented here due to the release of their self-financed debut album called Heavenly Chaos; the band is in search for a label as we speak.
Saga seems to be the mainman in BLACK KNIGHT SYMFONIA; being in charge of the guitars, bass, synths and orchestral arrangements Saga has two mystique ladies on his side willing to offer singing help. So, two female voices and a male one sum it up to a scenario having a lot to do with the symphonic side of Metal, right? To be more specific, BLACK KNIGHT SYMFONIA's style attracts stuff from extended metallic - or not - regions. The music is pomp, with lots of keyboards, furious riffs and a heavy RHAPSODY portion, while the neoclassical guitar themes tie with more extreme tempos and brutal or goth vocals creating an atmosphere as seen in bands like e.g. CRADLE OF FILTH. The 'opera' side of BLACK KNIGHT SYMFONIA, having in mind two singers are women, will not prevent you from thinking a relation to NIGHTWISH's ethereal forms, too.
The music is epic enough and friends of classical music will also be invited in specific songparts. Dealing with a fantasy world, the album runs for 50 minutes featuring well-structured compositions and obvious creativity and technical skills in one. Still, the production is below average (omitting the vocals parts that fit the standards) and - even if we're talkin' 'bout a private release - a pompous and crystal clear production is a 'must' for such offerings.
I do not know if fans of extreme/goth Metal music will find enough interest in BLACK KNIGHT SYMFONIA's debut release. I'd bet on the symphonic/female-fronted Metal fans' selection more, to say the least. Heavenly Chaos can be an interesting album, indeed, and with a proper label supporting a fat production/mix I think the whole songwriting will be lifted up to fit the genre's demanding standards.

2 Star Rating

Glorification Of The Dead      
Dark Era      
Chevalier Noir      
Emerald Kingdom      
Voyage Initiatique      
Eternal Life      
Hell On Earth      
Eternal Life (Instrumental Version) (bonus track)      
Dragonland (Orchestral Version) (bonus track)
Michael Fiori (Saga) - Guitars, Bass, Male Vocals, Synths, Orchestral Arrangements
Anais Chevallier (Nymphadora) - Heavy Vocals
Adelaide Allard De Stave (Arya) - Operatical Vocals
Leviathan - Studio Drummer
Record Label: Private Release


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