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Black Messiah - The First War Of The World (CD)

Black Messiah
The First War Of The World
by George Karagiannis at 28 March 2009, 4:52 PM

That's the 4th full-length effort from the Vikings from Germany BLACK MESSIAH. I don't know if you are aware of the band's history but they started as a typical Black Metal act; satanic lyrics and evil attitude. Their first release Sceptre Of Black Knowledge, back in 1998, was a piece of pure Black Metal with symphonic parts. A decade passed and almost nothing but the name reminds of the old BLACK MESSIAH.
Now the band has turned into a Viking Metal act with many folk elements. I really wonder why they kept their current name as it is rather irrelevant from what they are doing now. The next release Oath Of A Warrior in 2005 (still remains my favorite) showed their decision to change their musical direction to they Viking attitude but still the Black' past was there due to the vocals and guitars.
Next year's Of Myths And Legends gave them some spotlight. More Vikings than before but also with a nice cover of Moskau from the early 80's Disco/Pop heroes DSCHINGHIS KHAN and with some folk-y drinking vikings songs.
Back to present, their new effort is a war concept tribute to (Oh! What a surprise…) Odin. The band follows the same path…being more epic than ever, with a cliche 80's feeling this time. Even the cover reminds me a bit of the 80's decade. The guitar work is quite good with nice melodies but the vocals still remain a weak point for the band.
Generally BLACK MESSIAH are at a crucial point where they must decide their musical concept in the future as the mixture they tried this time adding classic Power/Heavy doesn't seem to work at all. At least not for me. They will turn completely into a Viking/Folk Metal band abandoning all their blackish past or they will return with a more harsh sound. I mean there's no reason to have those Black Metal parts and vocals on songs like Burn Vanaheim or Von Rachsucht Und Luege which are 100% Power Metal songs.
The folk-y songs like Gullveig or Andacht seem to stand better. Also here you will find another drinking opus, Soeldnerschwein. So in conclusion, despite some nice ideas this album fails to look as solid as it should, making it clear that the band is somehow on a period of transition again.

2 Star Rating

Prologue - The Discovery
The Vanir Tribe
Von Rachsucht Und Luege
March Of The Warriors
Vor Den Toren Valhalls
The Battle Of Asgaard
The Chase
Burn Vanaheim
Das Unterpfand
Peace At A High Price
Zagan - Vocals, Guitars, Violin, Mandolin
Zoran - Guitar
Meldric - Guitar
Garm - Bass
Agnar - Keys
Brooh - Drums   
Record Label: AFM Records


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