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Black Moses - Emperor Deb (CD)

Black Moses
Emperor Deb
by Fotis Giakob at 07 February 2002, 2:57 PM

Black Moses debut album is our case this time, and it is titled, 'Emperor Deb' and kind of late to come to my hands since it was released last year. Catchy electric guitar riffs and smooth drumming is their expertise. But let's look into some more info about them first.
Graeme Flynn (bass/vocals) and Jim Jones (guitar/vocals) are the persons behind the birth of the band that took place in 1999, with Chris Buncall (drums) being recruited later on.
Their music is pretty difficult for me to categorize, since at times brings to mind an era long past with chords that Jimmy Hendrix (no offence to his memory. I hope he would excuse me) would love to have played, then there are these catchy riffs to the liking of 'Cult' and that melody and vibe 'Aerosmith' had in their early years.
So the outcome is a mix of styles that bares you on its wings to a time travel when things were pure and the only thing that existed was rock.
I must admit that I was a bit sceptical when I inserted the cd to my cd player. That was a folly! Although they do not seem to fit into any kind of metal, I enjoyed it without pause, and the late sixties, early seventies feeling enthraled me.
Songs that were to my personal liking were 'Second Skin', 'Eye on you' and 'Under The River'. I think that their debut album deserves a try even if you are into listening to heavier stuff than this.

2 Star Rating

Second Skin
Slow Mama
Yr Gonna Get It
Blown Away
Hot Grundies
Won't Let Go
Strange Life
Cut It Out
Eye On You
Yr Friend
Under The River
Jim Jones (Guitar/ Vocals)
Graeme Flynn (Bass / Vocals)
Chris Buncall (Drums / vocals)
Record Label: Lunasound Recording


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