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Black Sonic - 7 Deadly Sins (CD)

Black Sonic
7 Deadly Sins
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 07 August 2009, 10:17 AM

New label, new band, brand new things to explore. That's how I fell when I come across bands and labels I have never heard of. At first I was kind of confused, since with such a name and the specific cover, I thought BLACK SONIC was a whiny Goth (or something similar) band. Thank god these guys are nothing close to what I thought…

The band was born in Liechtenstein and as it seems they have some years on their backs, since they already five releases out there (EP's, DVD's, albums etc). The band landed a deal with German Artist Station Records for the release of their sophomore full-length effort, and here they are ready to rock your socks off!

Their music is kind of weird to describe. To be honest, not exactly weird, but something you kind of rarely come across in the Metal/Rock scene. They combine Grunge with hard rocking sounds and some more modern elements, creating something some people like to call Alternative Metal/Rock. Melodic guitars and a really talented singer that can transmit his every mood to you, being rocking and rolling, melancholic or dark (he even performed live with APOCALYPTICA).

If you tried to compare their sound to a band, you would definitely find more than one. They are talented and still have a long way, so I guess that BLACK SONIC have some aces up their sleeve. I really enjoyed 7 Deadly Sins and I am sure you will, too.

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Maethi - Vocals, Guitar
Marco Gassner - Guitar
Raimund Tschol - Bass
Roland Testi - Drums
Record Label: Artist Station Records


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