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Blackdeath - Phantasmhassgorie

by Anonymous at 25 February 2019, 1:46 PM

“Phantasmhassgorie” is the ninth studio album by Saint Petersburg natives BLACKDEATH; and their latest release since 2015. The album is a captivating listen from start to finish, and brings out the hateful, sinister vocals of Colonel Para Bellum, making it as raw and nasty as Black Metal aims to be. Polar Maya executes drum work in an ear-splitting, articulate manner, led by the tormented shrieks of the grim reaper himself on vocals. The guitar riffs are conventional for Black Metal, but provide all of the bloody, satanic glory that makes Black Metal fantastic. Lyrically, the band focuses on anti-Christianity, Satanism and the spirits of the underworld - what a surprise!

The vocal inspirations for the album range from “Dictius Te Necare” era BETHELEHEM to early era JUDAS ISCARIOT, pushing the limits and boundaries with static-like shrieks followed by the gloriously evil riffs in songs such as “Gott Ist Mein Hass” and “Haus Aus Dem Himmel.” Throughout the course of the album, choirs and other ghastly sounds can be heard, only adding to the symphonic atmosphere. While incomprehensible, the vocals send a message straight to the soul of the listener - one that emphasizes that the band specializes in pure evil and does it very well –all whilst wailing along with the overlapping drums and guitars that excessively push any Black Metal fan’s expectations even higher.

The album is driven from primal emotion and good musicianship on every level. Ending with “Der Hass Der Toten,” the band proves that they are back on track with their material. The track is as ethereal as Black Metal can be, and maintains the punishing tempo and ominous guitars, finalizing with a distant ring.

This album would definitely be a gem to hear live, and has all of the ingredients that would create a threatening, perfect live experience for all fans of Extreme Metal.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

  1. Hass Aus Dem Himmel
  2. …Ist Hast
  3. Phantasmhassgorie
  4. Der Engelhass
  5. Gott Ist Mein Hass
  6. Hass In Den Adern Der Erde
  7. Durch Den Wirbel Des Hasses
  8. Der Hass Der Toten
Colonel Para Bellum - Vocals/Bass
Abysslooker - Guitars
Polar Maya - Drums
Record Label: Heidens Hart Records


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