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Blackend - The Last Thing Undone (CD)

The Last Thing Undone
by Makis Kirkos at 13 May 2001, 9:13 PM

The Last Thing Undone' this is the third album by the well-respected German thrash metal band. And I am sure it will shake your neighbourhood around.

Blackend are not new in the thrash metal fastening cause they already count ten years of existence. Those of you that already know them you are lucky, for those of you that you don't know them prepare to be kicked. Real and pure thrash metal is back. Eight songs: straight, catchy and packed with melodies, which can be remembered from the first listen but also progressive enough to get attention from other musicians interest.

If you take the melodic opener and title track 'The Last Thing Undone', the epic instrumental 'Long Now' or the emotional semi ballad 'Darkest Day', you have to state that the band knows their business. Eight songs without any compromises, with remarkable melody lines, hidden instrumental pats and a solid, straight rhythm base will give you a listening experience of highest pleasure, who will undoubtedly not disappoint any of the band fans but have the potential to open a lot of new supporters to listen to Blackend's sound. You think I am overreacting? Just listen to their new album… those guys know how to rock and kick some seriously asses.

Frontier Michael (vocals, guitars) has come closer to his biggest faves and you can understand his commonality with James Hetfield. The twins Manuel (guitars) and Mario (bass) leave no questions open on the instrumental side and drummer Alex gives the necessary rhythm basis. The lyrics have a critical touch and reflect the world in the new millennium.

Ok, to tell you the truth this release really blow my head off and make my head banging for several hours. I recommend to all thrashers out there buy this album and I am sure you won't let down by the performance of the band. In someway I believe this band could make the big 'BOOM' in the European thrash metal scene. Overall this release is something that can't miss from any 'real' thrasher disk box, and its also something that all heavy metal fans should have to their on disk boxes.

3 Star Rating

The Last Thing Undone
I Am The Chosen One
The More I Lie
Long Now
Exclude The Included
Darkest Day
The Dice Is Cast
Battle Between Minds
Michael Goldschmidt - Vocals, Guitars
Manuel Unterhuber - Guitars
Mairo Unterhuber - Bass
Alex Mayer - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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