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Blackened – Truth Behind Destruction

Truth Behind Destruction
by Anton Sanatov at 25 April 2017, 2:13 PM

How is one to find a pure strain truth when standing upon a toxic wasteland of alchemic warfare?  For all we seem to know are secrets and all that’s promised to the curious ear is a whisper of demise. Alas, these are the conditions of the new world, and we are left to paddle through its radioactive foliage until the end of times.

But hey, there is always Thrash Metal. Yes, the classic genre that so aptly made a name for itself through bruising the monolithic rule of false idols and dissecting the carcass of the animal that is humanity. The Brazilian Thrash collective BLACKENED are no different, and on their first full-length offering that is “Truth Behind Destruction” they look to lift those cherished genre values to the top, even whilst merely standing on the baseline.

Sticking to the formula can be a viable contingency…but it can also lead to predictable chemistry.  “Truth Behind Destruction” shows a band that sticks to fundamentals.  BLACKENED forego alien experimentations and stick to organic Thrash, with influences ranging from classics such NUCLEAR ASSAULT to more contemporary outfits like MUNICIPAL WASTE and DUST BOLT. You have you venomous Thrash standard like “The Front Remains”, “Extreme Violence” and “Stay Wasted”, which tap directly into the genre’s Punk roots and gnaw on them with razor sharp riffs – milking that recalcitrant bile oh so hungrily.

Yet whilst the entire record is indeed quite, let’s say, commonplace, there are moments when the band do attempt to add some variety to the renowned genre’s songwriting modus operandi. With number like the finely arranged “Slaughtered Tomorrow” and the 80’s resonating “Into Lunacy” BLACKENED try to push the envelope ever so slightly to make this record discernable amidst the plethora of like-minded offering, however, that is just not enough.

The record, whilst solid for an underground offering, suffers from a personality crisis; for it wants to stand on its own, but it is just too afraid to step out of line. It is a great Thrash Metal record, but like an entire polluted ocean of those, it doesn’t really offer anything new. In addition to that, one of the main factors that bring it down is its abysmal production; the mix and the overall sound are a bit too amateurish to even be considered hip. Yes, it does contribute a rawness of a respectable Punk record - which is its saving grace – but in essence these songs ache for a big, thoroughly produced sound that will make them as explosive as they are written to be…and could be.

Overall – “Truth Behind Destruction” draws from the classics, but it struggles to be one. BLACKENED’s first full-length may cement their status amidst die-hard Thrash fans and avid followers, but unfortunately they are yet to pull their feet out of the cement.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 3

3 Star Rating

  1. The Front Remains
  2. Chemical Terror
  3. Slaughtered Tomorrow
  4. Brain Control
  5. Into Lunacy
  6. Suffer Under…
  7. Extreme Violence
  8. Stay Wasted
  9. Truth Behind Destruction
  10. Against the Grain
João – Vocals, Bass
Marcelo – Drums
Ulisses – Guitars
Carlos Knauber – Guitars
Record Label: Witches Brew


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