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Blackevil - Forever Baptized in Eternal Fire

Forever Baptized in Eternal Fire
by Kevin Lewis at 07 September 2020, 10:50 AM

BLACKEVIL is a German Black Metal band formed in 2013. With a Thrash Metal undertone, these guys are fast and heavy. “Forever Baptised In Eternal Fire” is their second full-length album, releasing on September 25, 2020 through Dying Victims Records. Taking on topics of Hell, Purgatory and Devil Worship, they are sure to offend some casual Metal listeners, but they do so unapologetically. Isn’t that the mark of true Black Metal?

Starting the album off is a 59 second intro called “Come Forth”. This is a haunting little ditty with chants in the background and ethereal tones woven throughout. When that lead-in ends, “Satan’s Crown” launches with a furious pace and brutal tempo. Right off the bat, it’s blast beats, speedy riffs and a bass beat that almost defies logic. When the song isn’t racing at full speed, it gallops along at a pace most bands don’t dare try.

“The Disciple” and “Black Fire Tornado” follow the same path. Both songs are incredibly fast and have a ton of guitar fills over the main riff. In true black metal fashion, there is a lot of extended notes on the vocals, making the tone more ominous and threatening. The title track is the fifth song and splits the record in half pretty precisely. At over eight minutes, this is the second longest song. With some more melodic parts in the beginning to prepare you for the coming onslaught, “Forever Baptised In Eternal Fire” is a relentless powerhouse of a song.

The album tracks on through “Lucifer’s Supremacy”, “The Final Book” and “Pestkarren” before coming to an epic end with “1943”. This last song is the big outlier on the record. Opening with sounds of planes and gunfire, the song takes on a very somber note from the start. At nine minutes, it is the longest song of the record and is an interesting way to wrap the record. With a few snippets of clean vocals, this is the song that actually stands out on the album. The tempo is still intense and REALLY fast when it needs to be. This is the song that highlights the bands talent.

On my first listen through, I was thinking this is just another Black Metal album. And to be honest, parts of it are just that. If you like Black Metal, this is a good album for you. The surprise, after listening a few more times is the ability of BLACKEVIL to do more than just a standard Black Metal album. “1943” surprised, and delighted, me. It is a song that stands out in the crowd. All the songs are good quality, that one just stands out because it is so different.

Deathinfektor is a really talented guitarist. He has to be to keep that pace and produce those fills. Everything is warp speed, a staple in this genre. Abyss taking on vocal duties while playing those bass lines is impressive. His range is good. The songs are coherent and consistent. Pathos, the new guy on drums, is technically very good. This is an album worth listening to more than once. The first listen does not give you the full scope of what this band can do. Overall, this is a pretty impressive disc.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Come Forth
2. Satan’s Crown
3. The Disciple
4. Black Fire Tornado
5. Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire
6. Lucifer’s Supremacy
7. The Final Book
8. Pestkarren
9. 1943
Abyss – Vocals/Bass
Deathinfektor– Guitar
Pathos - Drums
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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