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Blackhearth - Blackhearth

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 July 2019, 1:40 AM

Traditional Heavy Metal ways still bear their charming appeal. And for many bands that are trying to play the genre today, it’s their reason. Of course, many can do something great in this way, others fall into the pits of ridiculousness, and others are doing something good, but not outstanding. The last case is where the sextet BLACKHEARTH is, as “Blackhearth” shows clearly. They’re in a trend that earns influences from all European Metal schools from the 80’s (especially from NWOBHM and something from earlier days of German Metal scene), but with some modern insights. Their music bears energy and weight, balanced by good melodies and their own talent (that could be explored deeper and in many ways). It’s heavy and melodic, bearing a good instrumental and vocal technique, but still to mature a bit more.

The sound quality is the main problem of many Spanish bands. To the band’s main musical way, a cleaner and heavier sound quality would fit perfectly. But it’s crude beyond the point, trying to force things to be organic, and making the instrumental tunes sound not as good as they could. It’s not a waste, but something that isn’t in the level their music needs. “Flying Away” with its very good melodies and changes of ambiances (and good vocals), the sharp and crude feeling that fills “Tarker’s Mills”, the providential keyboards parts of “The Truth You’ve Missed”, and the oppressive weight mixed with good melodies shown on “Earls of Darkness” and “Blackhearth” (this long song shows their influences from IRON MAIDEN old days, some broken tempos, and the talent of the guitars) are the best moments of the album. It’s not perfect or outstanding, but it’s good.

BLACKHEARTH needs to improve their musical efforts and look for a better producer for their music in the future, but for now, “Blackhearth” isn’t a bad experience, after all.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Flying Away
2. Tarker’s Mills
3. Face the Enemy
4. The Truth You’ve Missed
5. Earls of Darkness
6. The Magician
7. Blackhearth
Alain Concepción - Vocals
Alex Hernández - Guitars
Endika Ortega - Guitars
Julio Veiga - Keyboards
Jorge Sánchez - Bass
Asier Larrea - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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