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Blackies - Revengeance (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 14 September 2004, 9:19 PM

Well… I've been a die-hard W.A.S.P. fan for 19 years now, I am sure there are many other people in the whole world sharing the same “taste with me, plus I often try to foresee what will happen the day our favorite band calls it quits. The same - I guess - goes for every band's core fans. Huh… I don't exactly know why I'm writing these lines as an intro…
Whether you're a W.A.S.P. fan or not, this 4-track demo release surely depicts how a band should do cover versions. First of all, Blackies feature female lead vocals by Roby Black, a lady obviously so deep into the original versions that - despite her somehow girlie chords in specific parts - persuades the most disbelieving listener for her pure motive of paying real homage to her (their) mentor(s). In addition, the rhythm section - especially the bass lines from Skrash - drive each composition to an extended rhythm level, even providing a unique updating representation of how maybe these songs would be heard if re-recorded today by W.A.S.P. themselves. The guitar work is surely more in the vain of Chris Holmes' deeds (especially the solos - great job Walter!).
Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) is the highlight of this set of cover versions, while Hellion and On Your Knees surely identify the band's specific devotion to W.A.S.P.'s earlier days. Yet, it's the addition of the sentimental 1995 ballad Keep Holding On that makes the difference, showing musicians with great skill, ready to present their own effort some time in the - not that distant - future. In this specific song, Roby's voice exceeds in paths that should get even Blackie himself feeling jealous.
The band seems to have the will to offer their newly recorded Revengeance demo for free (see the band's website for details). All I can add - other than the band's undisputed devotion to Blackie & Co. - is this: I was touched from this W.A.S.P. tribute band's demo release, relaxing in the idea that the Masters of shock Rock/Metal music can definitely feel successful with the fans they have. Well done guys, Blackie's surely proud of you!!!

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Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
On your knees
Keep holding on
Roby Black - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Walter - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Skrash - Bass
Clanguss - Drums & Vocals


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