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Blacklist Union - Til Death Do Us Part

Blacklist Union
Til Death Do Us Part
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 October 2012, 3:43 PM

It has been offered by many that the purpose of music is the convention of life’s stories, with also a diverse collection of farfetched examples, into walls of rhythms, sounds, songs, extreme edges and attitudes. I tend to agree with that assumption, and I can even call it a fact rather than an opinion. A musician that writes and composes about his own personal life is like a writer issuing his memories on paperback. That is the beauty about music. Though he wasn’t the first nor last, I chose to write the above in regards of the new album of BLACKLIST UNION, featuring its leader Tony West (also chosen to front the renewed L.A. GUNS), and its emotional rawness, like a beast searching for the purpose of the hunt, the thrill of the chase, the facts of life. It might sound a bit over the edge for an ordinary carnivore, but I guess that everything is possible while interpreting a music piece or a stack of lyrics (Not that I had one on this occasion). Tony West, along with various of special members of the modern Rock industry in the US, created a powerful album that even though had dealings with contingents of existing Rock music and 90s affiliations, it actually turned out grand and pleasing to listen.

Probably the main thing that I enjoyed from the band’s third release, “Til Death Do Us Part”, is the fact that with its simple direction, it was rather diverse than it seemed to me at first. BLACKLIST UNION takes its pleasure in groovy music, edges of Rock and Metal, 90s Grunge and Hard Rock, Alternative, Nu and Groove Metal, along with fine rims of late 70s Rock. Pretty assorted to the ears isn’t it? Yet, the beauty about all this that most of what I have just written has never really caught me in order to be thrilled by it. For me the 90s era was the worst time for both Rock and Metal music, it was a decade of experiments, a way to reshape an entire worldwide scene into something else, a divergent monster with not hands and legs. Sorry for the horrific output, but that is what I have been feeling for a long time. I was, and still, glad for the new millennium that turned things around for the better while leaving dust to the contradictory habits. As for BLACKLIST UNION, I was willing to let bygones be bygones because West and crew aren’t to blame about the past’s misdeeds. “Til Death Do Us Part” showed me emotive perception and great music attached to its shape. Songs like “Game Over”, “Alabama Slammer”, “I Do”, “Til Death Do Us Part” and “I Don't Love You Anymore” proved that there is something here that is wondrous and addictive, catchy, sounding great and vocally amazing. West, almost most of the way, sounded like a reborn Ozzy Osbourne, a thought that made self contemplation about his fronting role in L.A. GUNS. I tried to leave aside the fact that the Nu Metal element in the music took hold on most of the release, yet along with the other ingredients in this huge salad, it was rather tasty for the ears.

Up until I was approached by Tony West about this band, I didn’t really know it existed, yet I knew the band’s references like ALICE IN CHAINS, JANE’S ADDICTION, LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, NIRVANA among others, which some of them were quite soothing for me. Though covered in a shade of grey, “Til Death Do Us Part” is one of the best modern Rock experiences I had in a while. I try to keep an open mind and boy it was worth it. Keep up the good work Mr. West and crew.

4 Star Rating

1. Til Death Do Us Part
2. Alabama Slammer
3. Blown Away
4. Game Over
5. Same Ol' Pressure
6. Diggin' 4 Gold
7. Feed The Snakes
8. I Do
9. Don't Change
10. The Lick Kitty Split Theme Song
11. I Don't Love You Anymore 
Tony West– Vocals / Guitars
Various Of Artists
Record Label: Independent


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