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Blackmore's Night - All Our Yesterdays Award winner

Blackmore's Night
All Our Yesterdays
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 27 October 2015, 10:26 AM

Again, I must face a trial.

This time, the trial is the one that, sometimes, we have to deal when hearing an album: to forget the background of a famous musician, and we must do this, because the musician, in the greater of times, is trying to do something that has nothing to do with his/hers previous work. And even this way, it's hard to understand some works.

As an old Metallian, Big Daddy here has a great love and respect for Ritchie Blackmore's works. But I must confess when I heard BLACKMORE'S NIGHT for the first time, his Folk Rock band with his wife, Candice Night, it was too difficult to me to understand. But nowadays, I'm used to it, so I can speak easily about their new work, "All Our Yesterdays".

To new comers, I must state this: if you're looking for something that reminds DEEP PURPLE of RAINBOW, forget it. It's a Folk Rock band, with a warm and tender atmosphere filling the entire album from the beginning to its end. Obviously, a master as Ritchie can't keep hidden his skills, as we can feel in some solos, but he knows clearly what he is doing, keeping away from his usual shreds and romantic play. He, his skills are showing a different side of his personality. But as well, the sweet and melodic voice from Candice is something astonishing, and maybe she is one of the five female voices of Rock and Roll scene. And I don't need to express how the other musical instruments are doing on the album, because those who knows Ritchie's personality are used to his perfectionism.

The album's quality is extremely clear, because it's what their musical work demands to be this way. And no, there's no need of weight here, because a minimal aggressive accord would damage the entire musical concept of the album.

The funny and folk "All Our Yesterdays" (with a fine job from Candice, using her voices in a very beautiful way), the medieval and warm "Allan Yn n Fan" (with fine chords and flutes, where the English medieval folk scent is great), "Darker Shade of Black" (if you can't feel the essence of Ritchie's guitar playing on this song, you're deaf for sure), the tender "Moonlight Shadow", and "Where Are We Going from Here" (where some Rock and Roll elements are presented clearly, again with fine guitars and great singing) are the best songs on the album. But it's good as an entire collection of fine songs.

To me, personally, I judge the album as a great one of the style the band is playing with no complains, and obviously, to Folk Rock and Folk Metal fans, it's a precious jewel. I believe that it can gather more fans that have an open mind to music in the deeper sense of the word.

4 Star Rating

1. All Our Yesterdays
2. Allan Yn N Fan
3. Darker Shade Of Black
4. Long Long Time
5. Moonlight Shadow
6. I Got You Babe
7. The Other Side
8. Queen's Lament
9. Where Are We Going From Here
10. Will O' The Wisp
11. Earth Wind And Sky
12. Coming Home
Ritchie Blackmore - Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Mandola, Hurdy Gurdy, Nickelharpe
Candice Night - Vocals, Chanter, Cornamuse, Shawms, Rauschpfeife
Bard David Of Larchmont - Keyboards
Earl Grey Of Chimay - Bass, Rhythm Guitar
Lady Lynn - Harmony Vocals, Shawm, Flute, Recorder
Troubadour Of Aberdeen - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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