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Blackning – Order of Chaos

Order of Chaos
by Aaron Eerdekens at 25 June 2015, 9:10 AM

Santo André, Brazil based three piece Thrash Metal band BLACKNING have released their full length debut album called “Order of Chaos”. Since they only came together in 2013, that’s quite the accomplishment. The curse of every beginning Thrash Metal band is off course that comparisons with the Thrash greats like METALLICA, SLAYER, ANTHRAX and MEGADETH will quickly arise. Maybe BLACKNING won’t end up in that list, and they won’t stand the test of time like those guys did, but they sure have made a delicious sounding Trash Metal record, which is a strong first achievement for this up and coming band.

In the opener of the album, “Thy Will Be Done”, the intro suggests the record might be an easy going, soft one, but you’ll quickly learn that was just an illusion. After about thirty seconds they start playing, hard, loud and fast, and they won’t slow down anymore for the whole record. Lead singer and guitarist Cleber Orsioli can really come to life in the following songs, “Terrorzone”, “Unleash Your Hell” and “Against All”. Fast riffs, cool guitar solos and a couple of long stretched screams come out of his fingers and throat. The amazing thing is that bass player Francisco Stanich seems to play the exact same riffs as Orsioli does. Elvis Santos doesn’t stay behind in all this, with some insane drumming.

The Thrash trio keeps going on the same pace during the next couple of songs, like “Death Row”, “Silence of the Defeat” and “Devouring the Weak”, which you can actually see them do with just a little imagination. They don’t slow down, they don’t back off, they keep on rocking and they stay fresh doing so. No time or place for boredom here. No chance to fall asleep, they will keep you awake. They finish you off with a couple of gems, called “Censored Season”, “Killing or Being Killed” and an OVERDOSE cover by the name of “Children of War”. All in all a great listening experience with a message that resembles trash or be trashed.

4 Star Rating

1. Thy Will Be Done
2. Terrorzone
3. Unleash Your Hell
4. Against All
5. Death Row
6. Silence of the Defeat
7. Devouring The Weak
8. Censored Season
9. Killing or Being Killed
10. Children of War (Overdose cover)
Cleber Orsioli - Vocals, Guitars
Francisco Stanich - Bass, Backing Vocals
Elvis Santos - Drums
Record Label: Hecatombe Records


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