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Blackosh – Kurvy, Chlast, A Black Metal

Kurvy, Chlast, A Black Metal
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 18 January 2016, 3:52 AM

BLACKOSH is a Black Metal band formed in the Czech Republic in 2010. This is the band’s debut full-length album and contains six tracks. The title track, “Kurvy, Chalst, A Black Metal” opens in a sinister manner with some whispers and things that go bump in the night. The main riff powers in shortly thereafter with some low end bombast and furious blast beat drumming, The vocals are pretty traditional for the style but have a little more presence than usual, ending in high pitched anguish like a preacher possessed by a demon entity; his eyes dripping with blood. “Bic Z Lenja” opens with ominous organ tones and some really creepy chanting. When the main sound kicks in, it sounds like massive claps of thunder over and over again. This track digs in deep, as if opening a portal to the underworld beneath your feet. Chaos abounds and you don’t have a sense of clear direction other than the destruction occurring around you in all directions.“Peklo Nas Bavi” features more of that organ and the fury of a fully grown dragon being released from its imprisonment after centuries in chains. This is about as brutal as I have heard in this genre. This murderer in the night doesn’t miss and there is no sparing your life. Instead, he slashes your throat with surgical precision and is utterly remorseless.

 “Kancelar S Cislem” dances at your feet for just a little bit before jumping up and smashing you in your mouth. The pacing is so quick that it reminds me of a riff that might crossover into the Punk genre with relative ease. The song structure is a little more traditional which might lend credence to this feeling. The power and drive are just absolute. “Ve Spitnuti Se Satanem” doesn’t give much time to talk about your feelings in this three minute fury of physical and mental domination. Some of the drumming passages are done at speeds that is difficult for your mind to even comprehend how fast, much less how he could possibly keep a precise rhythm at this break-neck speeds. Closing the album is the song “Funeralusmus”. At six minutes, it is the longest song on the album. Once again, we hear that church organ and chanting, almost as if done to mock the institution and hypocrisy of religion. This is the full on assault soon follows in this mid-tempo number. All I can picture is hordes of demon spawn torturing and killing the congregation with twisted, murderous devices from an ancient world. Overall this is a plate of some of the most brutal and scary Black Metal that I have heard in a while. This is the real deal folks.

4 Star Rating

1. Kurvy, Chlast, A Black Metal
2. Bic Z Lenja
3. Peklo Nas Bavi
4. Kancelar A Cislem
5. Ve Spitnuti Se Satanem
6. Funeralusmus
Petr “Blackie” Hosek – Vocals & Guitars
Zdenek Cepicka – Drums
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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