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Blacksheep – The Future Started Yesterday

The Future Started Yesterday
by Jessica R Harman at 02 February 2015, 8:11 AM

Romanian Death’n’Roll rockers BLACKSHEEP are here with their first full-length release “The Future Started Yesterday”. The musicians in BLACKSHEEP have been making music for years, and now as a whole, they have come together to create a new type of Rock. The band has experience from the 1990s, but didn’t come together until 2013, releasing their first album in October of 2014. “The Future Stared Yesterday” comes in with nine tracks at a listening time of about 30 minutes. Each track averages about three minutes; a decent length for a rock album.

Not finding much bio information on these guys, without further adieu, my review for “The Future Started Yesterday”. I’m not really sure what I was expecting with a genre like Death’n’Roll, but this stuff is crazy. It has an intriguing hook that keeps you listening and the musicianship is great, but most of the vocals are really low and growled, while perfect for Death Metal, it sounds off in the Rock setting the music creates. Completely different from what is “normal” but utterly creative and this is something that brings a fresh approach to both Rock and to Death Metal. Death metallers will love the majority of the vocals, while the Rockers may or may not depending on the style of vocals they like. However, the Rockers out there should indeed give this a listen, even if the vocals are what you like, the music is the best of Rock combined in an album.

Some of the best tracks on this album include:  “Freefall”, “No Day Like Today”, and “A Story for You”. Each one of these tracks display undeniable musicianship and a greater creativity. They are high quality works. Honorable mentions are “Hope Left for Dying” and “11th Commandment (Thou Shall Not Get Caught)”. These two pieces are strange in a beautiful way.

BLACKSHEEP’s “The Future Started Yesterday” is a very creatively written album that brings many different genres and styles to create something I have never heard before. Something that is completely different. It’s an album that many people could enjoy. Give “The Future Started Yesterday” a listen and marvel at its creative flow.

4 Star Rating

1. Freefall
2. Nation – Tagged
3. A Locked Box Quandary
4. No Day Like Today
5. Whisky Galore
6. A Story for You
7. Hope Left for Dying
8. 11th Commandment (Thou Shall Not Get Caught)
9. Last Song Never be Sung
Liviu – Guitar and Vocals
Dorin – Drums
Silviu – Bass
Andrei – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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