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Blackslash - Separated But Equal

Separated But Equal
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 09 December 2013, 3:22 PM

For anyone’s sake, what is happening in Metal scene worldwide nowadays?

I ask that for everyday appear one more band trying to do what is already done, repeating every cliché used countless times, but they still appear. Some are really good, some aren’t, and some stay between these two groups. And Germany quintet BLACKSLASH is only another name in the middle with their first EP, “Separated But Equal”. Not bad at all, but nothing as good as it could be.

They play an old school Metal in the vein of NWOBHM with some elements of German direction, but their music lack of a personality. It’s good, indeed, but it’s hollow to the point that you hear their music and you can think of a handful of names, unless their own.

A good sound production, a fine artwork, but their music is forced in a way that they really can’t be. Even the picture of them is something full of 80’s mold.

The tracks are good, with some good moments as I can hear in “Fighting the Killer”, “All Those Nights”, and “Separate but Equal”, but they really need more energy and their mark on their music, as well as to put their personality out, take from the heart what they are, and not from old and dusty music already done.

They really can do better, but I need to tell again: forget what was done, and hear to your hearts, guys. You can really become great, but being your own.

3 Star Rating

1. Fighting the Killer
2. Bleed Out
3. Master of War
4. All Those Nights
5. Surrender Your Soul
6. Separate but Equal
7. Home Again
Clemens Haas – Vocals
Daniel Hölderle – Guitars
Christian Haas – Lead guitars
Alec Trojan – Bass
David Hofmeier – Drums
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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