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Blacksmith - Strike While the Iron Is Hot

Strike While the Iron Is Hot
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 June 2012, 2:41 PM

To tell you the truth, when I first heard of the common phenomenon of old school bands, meaning those who were once something in the 80s, would set things straight where Metal is concerned. The older bands making their comeback would set themselves as role models for the modern younger bands and I think you already understood what I am trying to say and therefore I won't elaborate further. In short, just to set this straight, that thing I thought about didn't happen and probably it will never will, the music remained the same. I had a few contemplations about the matter while listening to BLACKSMITH's latest compilation, "Strike While The Iron Is Hot", via Heaven & Hell Records, but those past me by pretty fast. After many years, these guys announced their comeback with the aim to release a new album. For now this compilation will be serving as a historical token and a reminder of what these guys were doing in the 80s. Not that they were one of the golden groups of US Metal, but they played some good tunes with several classic Metal affiliations.

BLACKSMITH in general sounded like your average Heavy Metal band that made a break three decades ago. Through their material there is a great variation between the likes of NWOBHM, Speed Metal and the notorious, but who said it is bad, US Power Metal. Furthermore, with the chronological display of the tracks, BLACKSMITH seemed to have developed into something quite promising back in the day. After the departure of their female vocalist, Heidi Black, and the coming of the replacement, Malcolm Lovegrove, which also made the comeback with the band, BLACKSMITH sounded stronger with a tough front, better produced and with a little more than basic material to offer. "A Taste Of Darkness" that once again reminded me why I am such a sucker for rhythm guitars and palm muted picking, might be a sort of standing still but it takes patience to see otherwise. The somewhat simplicity of the riff work added so much to the overall song and when Lovegrove spread the words it was even better. I also had a kick from "The Beast" that reminded me of early EXCITER, the epic tale of "The Blacksmith" and the re-recording of "Louder Than Hell" fronted by Lovegrove. Regarding the latter, it could have been a super hit and a true Metal anthem, but something was missing that would have given it the magic it needed so badly.

I think that it is wise by a band to show its catalogue worth to the world before stepping up the plate again. When the entire world is watching and listening, every band of the same ought to come forward in the same manner. Now all that is left is to wonder how everything is going to be played out. This compilation might be more than the average reminder but the new album has to kick ass and hard.

3 Star Rating

1. The Bone March / Tower of London
2. Rock Hard
3. Louder than Hell
4. The Blacksmith
5. The Beast
6. House
7. Louder than Hell
8. A Taste of Darkness
9. The Bone March / Tower of London
10. Theatres Des Vampires
11. Hell to Pay
12. Fug It
13. Black Attack 
David Smith- Guitar
John Dodge- Bass
Malcolm (mania) Lovegrove- Vocals
Chris Caglione- Drums

Former Lineup:
Chris Madsen- Bass
Heidi Black- Vocals
Michael J. Marino- Bass
Tommy Roy- Drums
George Fortune Snyder- Drums 
Record Label: Heaven & Hell Records


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