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Blackwater - Weltgeist Corrupted

Weltgeist Corrupted
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 17 January 2018, 8:10 AM

BLACKWATER started back in 2008. In 2012 they released an EP “Founded on the Shambles”, which was some kind of modern maybe Technical Death Metal. With “Weltgeist CorruptedFabian says “We tried to focus on the core of the song itself, using technical skills only to serve the purpose of each song-trying to be more straight forward, blending Death, Black and Grind”. Since then they have had to struggle with lots of line-up changes. Right now Fabian is the only founding member left. Fabian also told me; “We recorded the album at Blastbeat Productions with Oliver Carell in our hometown Kiel. It was mixed in Leipzig by Andy Schmidt, mainly known for his work with Disillusion.

The album was mastered by Lasse Lammert in Lübeck (please Google all those guys to learn about their references). Album art was created by super-talented Dylan Garreth Smith.” “The title itself was simply chosen to say that something is seriously wrong with us a species. To mention only a few topics we dealt on “Weltgeist Corrupted”: Loss of compassion, Xenophobia, Facism,ignorance,Self-deceit, stupidity, conformity etc. We tried to write thought-provoking lyrics, so we put a lot of effort into both: writing music and songs.”

Any band that starts up will have an idea on what genre they associate themselves with. Overtime some bands switch genres, some try a mix of genres straight away, but few truly pull it off. Blackwater are one of them. There is a distinct Brutal Death Metal feel mixed with Deathgrind. The band seems to want to play right down the middle as take the best aspects they can. This is their sound, and it is a good sound. Very much picking up from where they left off in 2012’s “Founded on the Shambles”. Only difference is less Deathgrind, and more brutal and deeper Death Metal. Showing a musical maturity to go with what is clearly one of their strengths. The Grindcore aspect comes into play with fast hitting short songs

Incentives for Cruelty” is a great way to start off the band’s first full-length album. There is an instant vocal kick in, there is no slow build up, a vocal style and rift blend reminding me of Thy Art Is Murder’s – “Whore to a Chainsaw”. The vocals are not however just a deathgrowl that is sometimes associated with Deathgrind, to some (including myself) this will be seen as a welcomed surprise. The raw Death Metal sound is still very clear in both melody and vocal for the opening song, the tempo is kept together very well. It’s a no-holds-barred start. A good mix of styles to make anyone want to hear the next track

Weltgeist Corrupted” is without a doubt, a Deathgrind song. The impact is instant, the power on the growl is evident throughout. The beat is more like Napalm Death’s - “When All Is Said And Done”, so the balance makes sense. The breakdowns are key, they allow a brief pause from Fabian to tease his way back, once the breakdowns start you want to hear how he responds to carry the song on. His deep tone is key, without the use of deathgrowl like “Incentives for Cruelty” has, he can embrace the Grindcore aspect more of this song. It shows he can hold his own regardless of what the song throws at him

Conspiracy Terrorist” has a more Melodic Death Metal feel to it, to start with. It keeps thing interesting, there is signs that every song has its own personality to it. This still has Fabian on form with the lung-screeching vocals, but if you truly appreciate music, you can hear that a lot of effort has gone into instrumentally composing this awesome tune. Rico on the drums really keeps this altogether, he is the glue. Some bands do not appreciate the drummers. Blackwater do, and it is evident that they are all key

Of Behemoth and Leviathan” is a good mid-album song. It keeps things going. No disrespect made, but this is not as key in the layout of the album as others, but this will keep you listening. You will still be nodding/banging your head throughout. A smoother melody allows you to truly appreciate what it is the band is going for. It does not need brutality, it needs cohesion. The link between Deathgrind and Brutal Death Metal is on display again flawlessly. They are not trying to be anyone but themselves. The brutal vocals just add to the intensity that we all love to hear

Free From Sin” is probably the hardest hitting song of the album. This really flexes the band’s muscles. There is a more Death Metal feel to it, a uncut blend of technical melody that you usually expect to hear from the likes of Suffocation. Fabian once again shows he can match his band mates with whatever they throw at him. His brutality really kicks into overdrive on this song, he holds all the screams perfectly. This is without a doubt the best song of the album.

For fans of: Thy Art Is Murder; Napalm Death

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Incentives for Cruelty
2. Weltgeist Corrupted
3. Pack
4. Northern Discomfort
5. Conspiracy Terrorist
6. Illusion
7. Of Behemoth and Leviathan
8. Free from Sin
9. Clonal Expansion
Robert Seyferth - Bass
Fabian Lindberg – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Oskar - Guitars
Florian Stankewitz - Guitars
Rico  - Drums 
Record Label: Wooaargh Records


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