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Blackwülf - Oblivion Cycle

Oblivion Cycle
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 23 December 2015, 8:28 PM

What’s about some Stoner Rock/Metal Rock?

Well, besides the style is in great evidence at this moment, some names really deserves a mention and loud applauses, as we can hear on the second album from North American quartet BLACKWULF, called “Oblivion Cycle”.

The greater difference from their work and from other bands, is their talent to compose heavy and thunderous songs with a very good accessible insight. It’s heavy and bitter, but with hooking melodies, great choruses, and a very good technical insight. We can hear excellent and strong vocals, great guitar work both on riffs and solos, a bass guitar playing loud and heavy in a technical form (reminds a lot the playing style from Geezer Butler), and a good work on drums, with weight and groove. It’s away from dusty and extremely bitter songs, and this is what matters and then, gave their songs personality and very good doses of energy. And they have another good point: they prefer to stay away from long songs, what makes easier for us to hear and take the best from their work.

Their sound is nasty and heavy, but keeping the needed clearness level that allow us all to hear and understand what they are plying clearly. And this equilibrium is what a band in this style must have, but the majority of them can’t reach.

All their 9 songs are really very good, but I can name “Colossus” and its musical accessibility (and fine work done by guitars and vocals), the climatic and intense “Memories” (with its charming melodies and heavy work from rhythmic kitchen, along with very good chorus), the heavy weight “Acid Reign” with its melodic tempos, the nasty and hooking “Faith Healer” (what very good riffs and vocals!), and the energetic “Red Eyes” as their finest moments. Or maybe I can say as samples of a very good album.

Maybe you can say that they’re not the newest thing in terms of Metal and Rock, but they are very good, indeed.

4 Star Rating

1. Colossus
2. Memories
3. Acid Reign
4. Dark Tower
5. The Locust
6. Wings of Steel
7. Faith Healer
8. Red Eyes
9. Never Forget
10. March of the Damned
Alex Cunningham – Vocals
Peter Holmes – Guitar
Scott Peterson – Bass
Dave Pankenier – Drums
Record Label: Ripple Music


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