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Blade Runner – Warriors of Rock (Reissue)

Blade Runner
Warriors of Rock (Reissue)
by John Paul Romero at 26 January 2020, 10:01 PM

London – home of the British Heavy Metal movement. Back when the revolution was only on the rise, the scene was flooded by an endless sea of equally competitive bands seeking glory in music. But as we all know, very few of them made it to the biggest stages – and many were left as mere memories. Those bands, nonetheless, while reduced to mere memories have managed to leave some good quality music. And as for BLADE RUNNER, they have certainly left a mark even though their career was only good for two full-length albums – which are now both considered as “Cult Metal Classics”.

Late in 2019, they reissued both “Hunted” and “Warriors of Rock”. We have already reviewed the former on the first week of this year, and now “Warriors of Rock” is at hand. If one can recall, Mark Wilde who was a guitarist in the debut record is no longer with the band prior to the release of this album. How did this development affect the album? Positively, apparently

As recognized by journalists and fans, this album is the better of their only two offerings. The album featured a much developed Steve McKay and a more mature songwriting. Although still heavily rooted to hard rock, the album possessed a healthy dose of heaviness and aggressiveness. The reissue has a cleaner sound, with much less reverb and an even louder bass sounding like a boss. Guitars is also a vital part of the album, and even though there was only one axeman in the album, it was not so much of a downside as Gary Jones plotted together some really catchy and dynamic riffs and executed it with authority.

So, you might be wondering, is this reissue worth your money? Yes, for sure. This guitar-driven, bass-rich and ultra-rare album certainly deserves a spot in your classic records collection. The reissue is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, so you better catch up while it’s still around!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Eyes of the Beholder
2. Warriors of Rock
3. Snowqueen
4. Wings of Fear
5. Lionheart
6. She’s Ready
7. Where Eagles Dare
8. The Vercict
Mick Cooper – Bass
Greg Ellis – Drums
Gary Jones – Guitars
Steve McKay – Vocals
Record Label: Cult Metal Classics


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