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Bladecatcher - Obverse Award winner

by Jessica Pearman at 13 July 2015, 10:14 PM

BLADECATCHER was born in April of 2014 in the USA. It consists of just one member, E. He is most notably connected to NJIQAHDDA, spending 10 years with the band until it dispersed. E. wanted to make the hardest, heaviest, and most crushing music possible and with that became BLADECATCHER. The debut EP “Obverse” was released on April 13, 2015. The EP comes in with three tracks and a listening time of just a hair over 9 minutes.

Track one “Obverse” is something that comes out of your nightmares brutal. The vocals are so incredibly low with muffled lyrics and all. The guitars are a bit higher but create a pleasant tonal difference from the super low vocals and blast beat drums. The drums are hard, fast, and everything Death Metal. The track is dark and heavy but has an energy created by the guitars.

Disemboweling the Moon-Goddess”, track two, has lower guitars that create a much darker and heavier tune. The vocals are still just as low with a lower drum line that still has the blast beat but isn’t cymbal heavy. The track is a bit slower in some areas. For just a three-minute track, I felt like I go through the same pauses and emotions that are included in seven-minute tracks.

The third and final track “Bow-Star and Nibir” starts very low and slow. Another super low track that stick to the ribs of Death Metal. The tempo and tone change quickly into a very fast paced but still hard and grim track. The transition is an interesting what sounds like sythn heavy shift. However, the bass line is one of the best I’ve heard on the EP. “Bow-Star and Nibir” is creative and interesting and my favorite track on the EP due to its “different” nature.

Obverse” is a heavy and crushing Death Metal EP. The eee recordings posted the EP in its entirety on youtube. You can find that here: Take a listen and let the brutality over come you. “Obverse” will leave you wanting more for BLADECATCHER. This is a phenomenal EP.

4 Star Rating

1. Obverse
2. Disemboweling the Moon-Goddess
3. Bow-Star and Nibir
E. - Everything
Record Label: EEE Recordings


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