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Blasphamagoatachrist – Bartardizing the Purity

Bartardizing the Purity
by Caio Botrel at 26 April 2020, 9:21 PM

BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST is a Brazilian Canadian Black/Death Metal band that spreads hate with their music and their hymns of war. They have recently released their newest álbum “Bastardizing the Purity” and thats what we are going to tallk about.

The opening song from the álbum is “Intro (50 Cal. Demonic Chant) which is na instrumental track with something that seems to be sirens and a very tense mood, which creates a dark ambiance right at the start.

Bastardizing the Purity” is the song that gave its name to the álbum and it starts out with a traditional Death Metal kind of riff that has some groove on it. Soon the guttural vocals hits in and the blast-beats starts, creating a chaotic ambiance. The guitar is pretty noise at some points, but I’m pretty sure that its their intention, to create that kind of mood.

Black Nuclear Shadows” starts out following the same kind of riff from the previous song, but it has a different vibe. I could stay that its pretty much Brazilian way of playing Death Metal. The guitars are pretty fast and the drums here are different and this song definetely feels like a massive wave hunting you down.

Abysmal Commands” starts out with a cool guitar riff that has some groove on it and its followed by some guitar melodies, but don’t fool yourself, since its just a matter of time for the blast-beats, cavern guttural vocals and fast riffs comes in. The vocals here sounds a little bit desperate, which gave a cool mood and different ambiance for the song.

Intro (Weapons of Fire and Steel)” is an instrumental song that has some sort of vocals on the background and thats all. “The Final Blood Orgy” starts from nowhere, since the beginning of the song is soundless. There’s a pretty fast and nice guitar riff and I can imagine people going to mosh at their gig and just getting insane and furious.

Death Alchemy” starts out with a cool guitar riff that follows the same receipt from the previous song, a groovy riff and then the aggressive Death Metal guitars right after. The highlight of the song goes to the guitar solo that reminded me of ANDREAS KISSER and KERRY KING. “Genocide Evocation” starts out with what seems to be a different guitar tone and I liked it.

Intro (Apocalyptic Battlefield)” is an instrumental song starts out with some helicopter sound on the background and some pretty aggressive vocals, where it seems to be a speech and echoes of war.

Fire Demons of Blokula” starts out as aggressive as it should be, after the introduction from the previous song. The vocals are pretty aggressive and I believe that its one of the things that helped develop the sound here.

Evil Revelation” is the song that closes the álbum and it has a guitar riff that reminded me of the Nowergian Black Metal. This song has some different melodies from the previous songs and there isn’t many vocal lines here.

BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST have written and released a hateful Black/Death Metal álbum with everything that a fan from the genre could expect from. The musics are pretty aggressive and you can feel their hate on each note and vocal lines. I believe that they are going to accomplish something cool with this álbum.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro (50 Cal. Demonic Chant)
2. Bastardizing the Purity
3. Black Nuclear Shadows
4. Abysmal Commands
5. Intro (Weapons of Fire and Steel)
6. The Final Blood Orgy
7. Death Alchemy
8. Genocide Evocation
9. Intro (Apocalyptic Battlefield)
10. Fire Demons of Blokula
11. Evil Revelation
Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds – Vocals
Virrugus Apocalli – Guitars
Sabbaoth – Bass
Incinerator of Lacerated  Angels and Coffin Destruction – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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