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Blasphemist - Shadowtorned World

Shadowtorned World
by Angela “MetalDancer” Van Der Kreeft at 19 April 2012, 1:28 PM

The band BLASPHEMIST did start under the name ZODIAC, but they changed their name when they did get signed by Noisehead Records. For their image, but with this new name they’re also way much easier to find on the internet. And with that their latest album “Shadowtorned World”, A classic melodic Death Metal album with a fresh breeze. A powerful one that does show talented guys who sure know how to handle their instruments the way they like it most.

It doesn’t matter how many melodic Death Metal bands there are out there. To me it’s also about the reason why a band did decide to play the music they’re playing, simply because sooner or later that will shine through their music. BLASPHEMIST might be one amongst many, but the energy behind their music’s quite unique. The darkness inside melodic Death Metal’s worldwide known and yes, the album “Shadowtorned World” shows a lot of dimness spreading fast, but it also contains a pure energy. A direct power to love, to deal and to let go, no matter how dark it does get. What did hit me first while listening to the album “Shadowtorned World” was the enthusiasm behind the music. That cheered me up despite fast spreading darkness and frustrating doom scenarios. This kind of enthusiasm makes dealing with darkness almost a piece of cake and makes this album fun to listen to. The lines that these guys are using together and separate are feeling like a direct outlet of their enthusiasm that’s strong enough to enlighten the entire album.

The album “Shadowtorned World”, from BLASPHEMIST does start gentle and peaceful but builds up in speed and sound soon enough, to move on in an explosion of darkness and frustration, also expressed by two growlers in their element while playing their part. Their voice, guitar, drum and bass lines are smart and not always as simple and their playing’s steady, but also chaotic, melodic and powerful. Maybe not like well-oiled moving machinery, but more like a big organism on the move to play around and have some fun despite darkened lines.

This second full length album isn’t per definition better or lesser than their earlier work, but on this album I did find their enthusiasm shine through even more.

4 Star Rating

1. Equinox
2. Silent Shore
3. Constellations
4. Red To The Sky
5. Painters And Poets
6. Tides Equal Rebellion
7. Pervading
8. Shadowtorned World
9. These Darkened Signs
10. …Where No One Stood Before
Stefan Rindler - Vocals
Moritz Pollinger - Vocals
Alexander Lackner - Guitar
Michael Iber - Guitar
Lukas Rappitsch - Bass Guitar
Florian Plochel - Drums
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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