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Blasphemous Creation - Beyond the Grave

Blasphemous Creation
Beyond The Grave
by Allen Peters at 09 August 2022, 5:00 PM

A re-release of four previous favorites, BLASPHEMOUS CREATION, from Reno, Nevada formed way back in 2006. Here we are over 16 years later with their latest. Roots in Death/Thrash Metal coming straight from the depths of hell is what we have here. After listening, there is no denying it. If the record labels name, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions doesn’t give away what is going on here as soon as you pick up the CD and see the cover art you will understand what is coming up from those deep depths of the underground.

If you are a fan of MORBID ANGEL, EXHUMED maybe even the Bay Area’s own DEATH ANGEL or EXODUS, you have come to the right place, they have shared the stage with these well known acts so you may be in to something here. Obviously, there is a lot of respect for what is coming out of California’s neighbors over in Nevada. Well received and appearing in magazines too numerous to mention these guys are well traveled and have toured extensively.

With themes and concepts involving ancient Sumerian gods and possible ancient astronaut theory, we will go from here to beyond and blast this one off and see where the ride takes us, starting with “Diabolical Kingdom". It is the first of only four tracks on this EP.
Speeding, bouncing along, twisting, and turning in different directions is the tale that is being told. It never lets on to an obvious direction to let you know where you are headed with the creepy, scowling vocals between your ears on number one.

Little do you know that you are soon going “Beyond the Grave.” This one is more my speed with its classic Thrash tempo and unique terror filled voice laying like a cold dead corpse on top of it all. The vocals highlight the dreadful mood in this one, painfully beautiful to the ear that some of us have.

From the souls of sadness, psychotic and evilness comes before death. Lives will surely be taken here because there is so much evil in the second half of these greatest hits from the grave. It is setting you up for a “Black Winter.” The end is now near.

Wrapping up our bodies with more of a traditional sound on this final song, the coldness is here to stay until the end. Even though these songs have stood alone on different albums, they come together nicely here to form a convincing vibe, a vibe where most may be afraid to venture off to but a lot of you will embrace all of its darkness.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Diabolical Kingdom
2. Beyond The Grave
3. Shadows Of Evil
4. Black Winter
Evan Richardson - Drums
Isaac Wilson - Guitar/Vocals
TJ Laughlin - Bass/Vocals
Joe Aemos – Guitar
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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