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Blasphemous - Emerging Through The Fire Award winner

Emerging Through The Fire
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 28 July 2018, 12:27 AM

Right out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comes BLASPHEMOUS and their newest album Emerging Through Fire. It has been eight years since the Melodic Blackened Death Metal band has released an album. They went on a short hiatus from 2013 to 2016 but now they are back in full force. “The Unholy Light” wastes no time getting right into it. Immediately what stands out to me are the drums played by Mark Vizza. He does not hold back in the slightest. Beautifully violent is how I would best describe this first song and it makes me crave more, so lets jump on into the rest!

Up next we have the self titled track “Emerging Through Fire” and Holy Shit is the only thing running through my mind. The ferocious vocals by RK and the bass and guitar riffs are out-fucking-standing! Hal Microutsicos, Steve Shreve and Josh Guinter, how do you plan on out doing yourselves on future releases?! “Descend Into Nothing” is the third track out of eight and it is insanely beautiful and evil at the same time. So far I don't know if I am going to be able to choose a favorite song but we will see.

Now onto “Salvation Denied” the first thing that caught my ear was a section of lyrics that say “Stand up for your values, Or be slain down on your knees.” That is vicious as hell and I love it! I will most assuredly have to check out the lyrics when I get the chance. But besides the lyrics the song is sick as fuck. “Death Realm” is the fifth song on Emerging Through Fire. It isn’t slow by any means but not as fast paced as the others. A Groovy Melodic Blackened Death Metal song is not what I was expecting at all, but I love it!

“Mouth of Lies” hits you in the face immediately like you owe it money. The guitar solo is a great addition to the song. I really have no words to explain how awesome the song is, so ill just say DAMN! You will most likely love it as much as I do. “Possessed By Madness” comes in at second to last but it holds its own against the rest of the album. Every member does a phenomenal job on this one. Very well constructed and wonderfully written. I am going to have to listen to this one on repeat before heading into work.

And now for the finale we have “Soul of Ten Thousand Sorrows”. It has a perfect blend of Black and Death Metal and it is catchy as hell. I would have to say this is the best song hands down. Between the fierceness and the slower parts its a masterpiece. Emerging Through Fire has left me craving more and I will be listening to this album for years to come. I thought it was gonna be more rare to do this but I am going to give this a perfect score, you guys have earned it!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Unholy Light
2. Emerging Through Fire
3. Descend Into Nothing
4. Salvation Denied
5. Death Realm
6. Mouth of Lies
7. Possessed by Madness
8. Soul of Ten Thousand Sorrows
RK - Vocals
Josh Guinter - Bass
Mark Vizza - Drums
Steve Shreve - Guitars
Hal Microutsicos - Guitars
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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