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Blast Off – World of Lies

Blast Off
World of Lies
by Saxon Davids at 16 October 2014, 11:47 PM

From the Province of Pontevedra in North-West Spain comes Thrash Metal quartet, “BLAST OFF”. Formed in early 2011, these guys rapidly made a name for themselves in Spain and released their first 3-track EP “Devious Insane” a year later which received great reviews and acclaim. Now in 2014 they’re back with their brand new 4-track album “World of Lies” which was recorded at Ultrasound Studios in Portugal.

“World Of Lies” is just under 20 minutes in length and sounds like your typical new age of thrash album, which isn’t a bad thing don’t get me wrong, however at times this release does give me the feeling that I’m listening to what has already been done by many other thrashers of this generation. I also get a “CARCASS” vibe at times which is cool, especially with Fonso’s vocals. Similarities aside though, I have no doubt that one or two years down the line when these guys release a full length album that it will be a huge success full of neck breaking thrash metal because BLAST OFF do have potential to make it big here as some of the music that comes out of this album is very good indeed, it just lacks a little in originality.

The album starts off with “Magnicide”, a no nonsense Thrash anthem full of great riffs and a groovy breakdown and solo in the middle to spice things up. “Blackout” is next which starts off with heavy mid tempo riffing before exploding into faster speeds which is bound to get you headbanging. This is probably the best structured song on this album, it holds a lot of variety in tempos which all flow together very well to make possibly the best and most original track on the album. “Government of Money” starts things off with a completely different mood than before with acoustic guitars playing over what appears to be a TV or radio news report and then of course comes back in hard and heavy with more chaotic riffing and brutal vocals. “Hunter of Evil” closes off this album and is another favourite of mine just below “Blackout”, this track displays some of the best riffing and drumming the album has seen so far, the music on here seems to get better and more technical as the album goes on so if you’re someone who loves technicality, you don’t want to turn this off early, see it through until the end because it holds a lot of great musicianship which any thrasher is bound to adore!

“World of Lies” is a damn good release and tops its predecessor of 2012, what I think these guys need to do now is just conjure up a wee bit more of a ‘signature sound’ so to speak, and release a full length which will be even better than this one! “BLAST OFF” hold a lot of potential with their music and I’d love to see them make more of a name for themselves.

3 Star Rating

1. Magnicide
2. Blackout
3. Government of Money
4. Hunter of Evile
Fonso Alonso – Vocals
Fran Gomez – Guitars
Dani Zonka – Bass
Iago Ramilo – Drums
Record Label: Suspiria Records


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