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Blaze Bayley – War Within Me Award winner

Blaze Bayley
War Within Me
by Will Travers at 17 July 2021, 2:22 PM

Who hasn’t heard the name BLAZE BAYLEY brandished about the halls of Heavy Metal? The veteran and legend of the scene has been involved with some projects that you may or may not have come across, such as IRON MAIDEN through the nineties. But, he is more known for his solo career under his own name. Well, he is back again with “War Within Me” a ten track album released in April earlier this year. The artwork is a spectacle, it’s quite hard to describe really, but just let the image mesmerise you.

Opening the album is the titular “War Within Me” the rolling melodies and aggressive riffs really drive the track forwards at a breakneck pace and the melodic instrumentals really complement the vocal tracking, in both harmonising and accenting styles. Little flourishes give us a brief taste of guitarist Chris Appleton’s skill before a break away solo that just left me wanting more. Good thing that this is just the beginning.

In a time of history where my nation is being highlighted by racists, bigots and xenophobes it is so refreshing to come across people portraying our history. “303” pays homage to one of two Polish RAF squadrons that were a key part of the Battle of Britain. And whilst it’s lyrical content paints a story of the No. 303 Squadron being scrambled to intercept enemy aircraft; the musical content is just absolutely astounding. It really brings the imagery to life as though it were playing out in front of your eyes. This track would be a mainstay in any Hard Rocker’s arsenal.

“The Dream Of Alan Turing” is a chaotic and erratic track. For anyone unaware Alan Turing was a British Mathematician who was key in breaking the Enigma in the second world war and was heralded as the father of computering systems. Again the lyrics tell the story of Turing and the music its self is structured but also frantic, as though the nightmares that Turing endured through his life were manifesting themselves in this dream. Expertly delivered. There are further tracks associated to prominent scientists Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking, which really work as concept tracks as the imagery really unfurled in front of me and I could see it all.

The final track “Every Storm Ends” floats into focus with a gentle and peaceful introduction, the music and lyrics seemingly being an ode to those who have survived and thrived in their own personal battles. And whilst this is a circumstantial reality to every listener, I feel that this is the sort of song that everyone really needs to hear at times, when things are shit and the future looks bleak. And honestly? After what has been a difficult couple of years for me, this track touched and spoke to me on a deeply personal level. And for that, BLAZE BAYLEY I thank you.

Overall, this is a Hard Rock masterpiece. From the start and until the end I was absolutely enthralled. The flow of the record is flawless, the musicianship impeccable and the messages just and pure. Congratulations all involved for such an utterly fantastic release.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. War Within Me
2. 303
3. Warrior
4. Pull Yourself Up
5. Witches Night
6. 18 Flights
7. The Dream Of Alan Turing
8. The Power Of Nikola Tesla
9. The Unstoppable Stephen Hawking
10. Every Storm Ends
Blaze Bayley – Vocals
Chris Appleton – Vocals / Guitar
Karl Schramm – Vocals / Bass
Martin McNee – Drums
Record Label: Blaze Bayley Recordings


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