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Blaze Of Perdition - Near Death Revelations

Blaze Of Perdition
Near Death Revolutions
by Chelsea Jennings at 30 May 2015, 8:18 PM

BLAZE OF PERDITION is a Black Metal band from Lublin, Poland. BLAZE OF PERDITION have just released their last album "Near Death Revelations" in May 2015 through Agonia Records.

"Near Death Revelations " is a classic Black Metal release from BLAZE OF PERDITION that comes with the dark, slow, heavy, lethargic musical beats coupled with dark, angry topics and lyrics discussing depression and death.

Tracks like "Into The Void Again" and "When Mirrors Shatter" in the first half of the album provide perfect examples of dark, heavy, slow musical beats that traditionally characterize Black Metal. The topics include the dark demise of human beings, and talks about dark feelings and dark ideas taking over the conscious of human beings. "Dreams Shall Flesh" showcases S's vocal acrobatics as he alters between guttural, feral-sounding screams and "cleaner" singing. "Cold Morning Fears" provides pulsating drumbeats that can shake the listener to the very core, while talking about people facing their fears in life and how some people tell lies to try to avoid the fears that they face. Tracks like the "The Tunnel" is simply filler music, which provides a great bridge between the lyrical sounds of the album. "Of No Light" is another dark, angry track about how there is seemingly no hope in this world at certain times.

The latest release of "Near Death Revelations" is by all standards an excellent Black Metal release. The slow, heavy drumbeats as well as the dark, pessimistic lyrics are all characteristic of this genre of Metal. BLAZE OF PERDITION have written an insanely dark, depressing release that will be a must-listen for every Black Metal fan, and a must-buy for every Black Metal CD-collector.

4 Star Rating

1. Kro'lestwo Niczyje
2. Into The Void Again
3. When Mirrors Shatter
4. Dreams Shall Flesh
5. Cold Morning Fears
6. The Tunnel
7. Of No Light
S - Vocals
XCIII - Guitars
Revenger - Guitars & Bass
Vizun - Drums
Record Label: Agonia Records


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