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Blazing Rust - Armed To Exist

Blazing Rust
Armed To Exist
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 September 2017, 5:19 PM

I haven’t really taken the time to absorb myself in Russian Metal bands, other than a chosen few along my time reviewing albums, the mighty ARIA included. I guess that the chances of finding new prospects for the coming generation in such a vast Metal scene, which also harbors devoted fans, are pretty high. I think I should start being more alert regarding what is going on over there. When it comes to traditional Heavy Metal, other than their local gods, I have faith that I caught a glimpse of an upcoming success story. BLAZING RUST, hailing from the colorful city of St. Petersburg, carved upon themselves the book of Heavy Metal and the solid base steel that forged its essence back in the late 70s / early 80s. I see it more than a mere homage, but an actual gift. That same aptitude was laid out through their debut album, “Armed To Exist”, newly signed to the old school province, Pure Steel Records.

It is virtually about the execution and how the band’s spawned material arrangements made this old school experience to become one of the profound outcomes out of a newcomer Heavy Metal. The main reasons are that BLAZING RUST never did really innovate anything, like most bands of the age, they followed their gods, embracing their heritage and coming with their vein of music. Nonetheless, the Russians fashioned the mixture of 70’s Hard Rock / catchy Heavy Metal and even a few salutations to Blues Rock, to end up as inspiring and motivating for further listening sessions. “Armed To Exist” pumped up the classic riffery, a sort of a polished version of RAINBOW meets JUDAS PRIEST, DEEP PURPLE meets DIO and BLACK SABBATH meets NWOBHM, whether through the twin guitaring through the soloing, diverse vintage beats to the immensely strong vocal line that takes charge of the cavalry force. Nothing over the top regarding technical merits, yet not as fundamentally basic as it would seem, “Armed To Exist” is a delivery of soulful passion.

Though I usually start with the song that made me boast out of my chair if sitting or kick lamppost if standing, I would like to firstly mention the tune “Witch”. Some might not deem it as special as I make it, but I just have to. Essentially lashing out Blues Rock, yet with the flick of the switch turns into an early 80s proto Speed Metal, staggeringly dazed, leveling up the heart rate as it progresses. Surely this is one of those examples that are purely a clash of Rock / Metal decades. “Almighty Lord”, featuring an atmospheric unforgettable chorus, had me chuckle of how high can a band go with their conviction for the tradition while “Blazing Rust” blazed out with a simply made punch, a straightforward classic assembly of great riffs and powerful vocals. Other tracks that are also recommended: “Shimmering Dawn”, “Dying World” and “Time of the Brave”.

BLAZING RUST just got a new fan today thanks to this fine debut. Their stubbornness to create Metal by the book is highly admirable and if they will continue and maintain the same quality of songwriting, I bet only good would come out of it.

Purchase Link: Pure Steel Records

4 Star Rating

1. Hellbringer
2. Shimmering Dawn
3. Blazing Rust
4. Dying World
5. Blindfold
6. Almighty Lord
7. Witch
8. Time of the Brave
9. Under the Spell
Igor Arbuzov - Vocals
Roman Dovzhenko - Guitar
Serg Ivanov- Guitar
Eric Strom - Bass
Dmitry Dovzhenko - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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