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Blazing Rust – Line Of Danger

Blazing Rust
Line Of Danger
by Joseph Brewer at 07 September 2020, 4:29 PM

Charging out of St. Petersburg, Russia are NWOBHM-inspired heavyweights BLAZING RUST. Formed in 2015, these Russian rockers are out with their second album, “Line of Danger”, which wastes no time providing the mammoth riffs and heavy metal wails that we all crave. A quick search through the artist page on Facebook shows that they have the swagger to back it. These fellows are all about riffs and whiskey. Delivering high quality, high intensity songs in a modern way with a classic throwback feel to them.

The first three tracks out of the gate are all fantastic. “Let It Slide” starts off fast with a chugging riff that drives the pace forward, very reminiscent of some of the tougher MÖTLEY CRÜE tracks. The speed never really eases off as the song blasts through verses, several choruses, and a killer guitar solo before ending on a high note. Title track “Line Of Danger” eases off the gas pedal, but cranks up the heavy atmosphere. Vocalist Igor Arbuzov adds some echo and fade to his voice to amp up the scope of the song, making it feel open and massive. A simple, but driving melody is the core of this song with a catchy chorus that seems to be a hallmark for BLAZING RUST. The next track, “Amidst The Furious Waves” is probably my favorite track on the album. More than the others, it has that truly epic, powerful feel that is not always found in more arena rock oriented metal bands. It dances between powerful, pounding riffs and more reserved, deliberate notes. This counter play is what makes the song special, allowing for quality respite against the heavy metal.

Race With Reality” is a gritty, thrashy song that kicks the speed elements back into gear. While the lyrics are straightforward and often involve Arbuzov repeating the title of the song over and again, the breakneck speed and aggression at which the song is performed is addicting. The best part of the next song, “The Son Of Lucifer”, comes at the chorus break around the two and a half minute mark. The band takes over and delivers a stunning instrumental section, leaning into a heavy, repetitive breakdown that is absolutely killer. “Murder” gets off to a jazzier, swing-inspired beginning. It then delves into a lovely story of you know what.

Overall, BLAZING RUST delivers a quality modern heavy metal album. The vocals are great with Igor Arbuzov showing off plenty of range and especially highlighting the grit and heaviness one would want from an album like this. Roman Dovzhenko and Serg Ivanov with the twin axe attack shred mercilessly throughout each track with riffs aplenty and terrific solos. Lastly, Dmitry Dovzhenko keeps the band in line and lets the cymbals crash with reckless abandon.

Favorite Songs: “Let It Slide”, “Amidst The Furious Waves

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Let It Slide
2. Line Of Danger
3. Amidst The Furious Waves
4. Race With Reality
5. The Son Of Lucifer
6. Murder
7. Only To Burn
8. Crawling Child
Igor Arbuzov – Vocals
Roman Dovzhenko – Guitar
Serg Ivanov – Guitar
Dmitry Pronin – Bass
Dmitry Dovzhenko – Drums
Record Label: Pure Underground Records


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