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Blazon Stone - Damnation Award winner

Blazon Stone
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 29 November 2021, 9:27 AM

It must be said, as always: to do things in your way, even in an eroded Metal format, can render into something really good. Many are the examples, so there’s no need to say that there are bands carrying the torch of the old days with dignity, without cloning what was done again and again. And to be honest, this writer saw many times the name of the Swedish quintet BLAZON STONE and took references, but never heard one of their works. Well, it’s time for it, because “Damnation” is the album of this release.

Their musical work is based on a mix between traditional Heavy Metal and Power Metal that was born on Germany in the first half of the 80’s. It’s obvious the references of RUNNING WILD on their musical work, but something inherited from GRAVE DIGGER can be heard as well. It’s melodic, heavy and abrasive, but done with excellent melodies and choruses sustained by great backing vocals. Yes, even not being something different, the quintet is really pretty good, creating a form of music that is hard to resist. The hands of Cederick Forsberg (the band’s guitarist) took care of the recordings, mixing and mastering of “Damnation”. And wisely, the conviction was to be clean and defined, but in an organic way that can be reproduced on live shows, what means they had chosen instrumental tunes without endless digital editions. And it earned them a powerful sonority.

The album is excellent on all their songs, and it’s impossible to resist to. But songs as the powerful and full of hooks “Endless Fire of Hate” (very good vocals and backing vocals, and what charming chorus), the crude energy that flows from “Raiders of Jolly Roger” and “Chainless Spirit” (the guitar riffs and arrangements are excellent, without any vain try to be technical or faster than light), the full force rhythmic artillery imposed on “Black Sails on the Horizon” (the solid work from bass guitar and drums is really astonishing), the melodic energy of “Hell on Earth” and “Bohemian Renegade”, and the nine-minute hymn called “Highland Outlaw” (full of rhythmic variations, great vocals and amazing guitars, especially during the solos) are impossible to resist.

Well, after this fine presentation given on “Damnation”, it can be said that BLAZON STONE shows the difference of being influenced by a band and trying to be that band. So hail these new pirates! Oh, you earned a new fan as well.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Damnation (Intro)
2. Endless Fire of Hate
3. Raiders of Jolly Roger
4. Chainless Spirit
5. Black Sails on the Horizon
6. Wandering Souls
7. Hell on Earth
8. Bohemian Renegade
9. 1671 (instrumental)
10. Highland Outlaw
Matias Palm - Vocals
Cederick Forsberg - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Emil Westin Skogh - Guitars
Marta Gabriel - Bass, Backing Vocals
Karl Löfgren - Drums
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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