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Bleed Again – Resurgence

Bleed Again
by Ben Gardiner at 12 November 2021, 12:49 AM

Since their first EP in 2012, BLEED AGAIN have rocked the UK Metal scene with epic sweeping riffs and filthy build ups to filthier breakdowns. "Resurgence" might just be their best offering yet, upping the technicality of the instrumentation, production quality and overall song writing, this album is a great offering to the saturated Metalcore sound. Mixing clean and screamed vocals, melodious beauty and intense heaviness, there is a lot being put forth, and I always appreciate when a band doesn’t necessarily step out of their box but takes what we know and do it significantly better than most.

The album begins with a muted guitar riff, quick and technical, there’s no messing around before the drums come in with a fill full of attack. Once the song gets started there is very little letting up, the opening riff is expanded upon and the drums hit hard and heavy throughout, plenty of punchy double kick and a great snare sound. The screamed vocals load the song with aggression which is only slightly deflated by the cleaner vocals. The build-up to the breakdown is full of energy, the double bass picking up speed whilst the Toms are danced over and the breakdown hits in half time, a bright crash giving you plenty of headbanging cues. I’m a big fan of returning to the breakdown beat again at the end of the song, treating us to that delightfully heavy half time all over again, pushing it even further.

 “Victim” features some rapid double bass and technical grooves splitting between the hi hat and crashes, one beat fills and ghosted snare notes. The build-up is energetic and fiery and has a classic voice break before a breakdown that differs from previous heard on the album, opting to keep up the pace and energy instead of dipping to a half time groove, distinguishing this as one of the heavier tracks of the album.

I like the punky, Hardcore style drums opening of “Divine Life,’ and how that beat is continued through the intro, the guitars meeting it with equal intensity. The vocals stand out in this track, leaning more into an aggressive with some impactful screams. The guitar solo in the final section with the bass drum is a fantastic finale to a song and this is defiantly my favourite track. This energy is kept up for the next two tracks, “The Execution,” and “Cursed.” With the interlude at track 6 marking a complete switch in the feeling of the album, it feels like a completely different album, infinitely heavier than the first half with more technical instrumentation and passionate vocals. I’d go as far to say as the first five tracks could be cut to make this an a brilliant all killer EP.

This album is a great Metalcore record, I love all the last half of the album with the first few tracks feeling out of place or like filler tracks to up the list length, they’re still great songs, but it could have been an all-out half an hour aggressive punch as opposed to the fifty-minute walk-into-a-sprint. Highly proficient instrumentation with some great memorable technical sections, loaded with groove and excellent lyrics.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability:  6
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Prevail
2. Survive
3. Sign of Fire
4. Victim
5. Memories
6. Reflection
7. Divine Life
8. The Execution
9. Cursed
10. Forgotten Ghosts
11. SOF (Acoustic)
Simon Williams - Lead Guitar
James Dawson - Vocals
Sam Jones - Bass/Vocals
Jordan Burchall - Drums
Chris Pratt - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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