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Bleed - Provoking Images (CD)

Provoking Images
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 December 2007, 2:12 PM

What do we have here? I know BLEED since I had the chance to come across this name various times in gig posters, Myspace pages/bulletins and the internet in general. Now it is time for me to see what these guys are all about and see for myself if it is worth attending their release party for Provoking Images, which takes place a few days from now (the time I am writing this review).

BLEED is a band that was formed in 2004 by three youngsters in Athens, Greece. From what I could find on the internet, the band has no other releases under its belt, thus Provoking Images is not only their debut full-length album, but their first ever release as a band. Trailblazer probably found something interesting in this band, so the label's people signed the band and the result is this album…

Even though BLEED's music is what I hate reviewing (common Metalcore shit), I have some positive comments to make, too. Ok, the band plays the classic shitty Metalcore with brutal vocals, guitars that flirt with the NWOSDM scene and really good drumming, but we have seen the same movie again and again. The fact is that - from what I understood by the line up photos - the members are pretty young, and their technical abilities are better than I expected.

The compositions are mediocre, reminding me of bands like UNEARTH, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and AS I LAY DYING, so as you can see there is no way I am going to describe this album as good. The only positive thing I see in BLEED is the average age of the band and the good production the album has.

Many may call me narrow minded or severe, but I believe that Metalcore is a trend that has lasted for too long now, and I have been sick and tired of listening to bands with the exact same sound. If you are a fan of the specific sound and find something in this genre, Provoking Images will be a more than good choice for you. The rest of the gang, away from it…

2 Star Rating

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Provoking Images
Nick - Vocals
Paris - Guitar, Vocals
Jannoz - Guitar
Dennis - Bass
Romeo - Drums
Record Label: Trailblazer Records


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